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Selling Atlanta based Business...

Guest deanjones

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Guest deanjones

Due to moving to a new state, I'm actually looking to sell my business off. If anyone wants to take it, it will gain you many more leads and potential clients.

I have been advertising with "Google Ads" and I will hand over my scheme to that which over time I figured out how to get to the top of most searches in your area, but at the same time spending minimal amount of money. I went from spending $3,000 /mth down to $600 /mth but maintaining my place on the top of all searches (the first 1 - 3 companies listed). Google is my main source of customer leads right now... More so than the YellowPages. However, if you don't know how to manipulate it, you will spend a boat load of money or be left in the lower levels of the search where people won't see you...

I also learned how to use "Citysearch" (http://atlanta.citysearch.com) to my advantage as well. I spend no more than $100 /mth with them and yet this is where 30% of my business comes from. Citysearch works better than Kudzu (Even though I'm using Kudzu too), IMO because it shows up in the top of almost all google searches.

The internet is my main source of advertisement, but I'm also advertising in the YellowPages (AT&T, not the crummy copycat YellowBook that nobody looks at in Atlanta). I have a small 2" ad in the Marietta YellowPages as well as a "Credit card" sized FULL COLOR ad in the Alpharetta/Roswell and Cumming/Dawsonville YellowPages. I'm also advertising on YellowPages.com. This is obviously all included as part of the deal.

My phone rings all day long and I typically put every call to voice mail and call people back when I get off of my full time job... I get about 20 - 30 calls a day. I book about 10 jobs a week. When I take time off from my full time job, I manage to book a lot more, of course...

My website (http://www.solarcomforttinting.com) last month managed to get 42,099 hits. In April it got 43,428 hits. Like I said, the internet is my main source of potential clients... This website will be included with the deal. I will even host it for you for 2 years for free, give you free e-mail and hosting (I manage the server) and renew the domain name for free for 2 years. I can also direct the domain name to your site if you'd rather have that.

On top of all of this I can give you all of my sales tools for flat glass and automotive (Such as the Axcess radio display board) and even what is left over of my window film for free. Want tools? I have plenty to give along with this deal. If you want to keep the name "Solar Comfort", I will even give you my professionally digitally created T-Shirts and Polo shirts and Back glass clear stickers! :beer Anything that has to do with the company, you can have...

I'm not asking for much at all... I just want to cover the advertising costs that I have already started to use. I'd rather discuss the price with somebody that is interested, but put it this way... you can make the money back in 2-3 weeks at my work rate (part time), easily. Depending on the size of flat glass jobs you get, you could quite possibly make it all back in 1 week as well. I just don't have that much time on my hands due to the changes I'm incurring. Again, I'm just trying to pay off the advertising costs and some inventory costs... I'm not looking to make money on the deal so I'll negotiate as well.

This is a ready made business for super, super cheap for anyone looking to start off or some easy extra jobs/clients for an already established business.

If you're interested, call me: 404-319-9797. Or, you can PM me from here or e-mail me: dean@solarcomforttinting.com and we can discuss price and such.

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