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  1. What squeegee are you using? I use a wide yellow flat out fusion in a long fusion handle. Moves a lot of water.
  2. You know the plotter is only part of it? The programs cosy monthly and aren't really cheap. Unless you do A LOT and have someone to run the cutter you won't really save time IMO.
  3. Yes. Get a new sticker and replace after tint.
  4. Is the film the right direction? Need to shrink towards the factory edge...
  5. Suv and most foreign cars seem to have them in recent years....
  6. 40 to 60 for "stupid" windows which is at least 50% more than the roll down pair.
  7. @flat rock stan in Saint Louis or Portland and you'll "learn to fly the plane". He will cover flat glass but not real deep on that. I wouldn't imagine going to anyone else for training or anyone with more experience training than Stan.
  8. I've seen this on an older gm suv. Grab a scrub pad and scrub it until it stops peeling then put on some vinyl protectant.
  9. Ryker

    Rain x

    I am curious as well. Was just talking about tinting a rental car that I'm going to be taking on a 2 week trip to SEMA and California. If i have to remove it when done that would make it so much easier.
  10. I'd be 180 for a back window alone...
  11. To answer your question though it takes about 11 feet to cover sides and back on a car.. So 70" wouldn't be close.
  12. You're not going to save money paying 200 for film!
  13. Film is cheap in the cost of a window tint job. Don't buy your own film. I for one will not even consider putting on any film but what I offer! Would you take your own eggs to Dennys?
  14. My opinion, the amount of money that you and your boss would make in a few hours is not hardly worth him letting you tie up the shop. How much tint can you do in 4 hours and clean up after you're done and what you are able to charge? Then the environment of a body shop isn't the best as has been stated. I have tinted in paint booths and I didn't like the lighting. I get blinded by the lights on the sides. Tinting you look out from the vehicle more than looking at it like painting so lights are in your face! I do a semi mobile set up and work out of other shops and I would not dream of giving 50% to the shop. I provide everything except the shop and customer....the most I give the shop is 20%.... Glass shops, detail shops, accessory shops are all great connections to get a bay and customers if they don't offer tinting themselves.