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  1. Let it dry. You won't like the mess it will make it you press those bubbles.
  2. Could be a really tight corner but I doubt that it needs that much off. I did have a truck for that I tinted 5 times because the tint kept pinching. Normal Ford I think that I've tinted thousands and not had issue. I heated it and pressed really heavy. Never did see it back but fully expected I would.
  3. Only "repair" is to have that window redone. The spots sound like seat belt dings. You likely throw your seat belt buckle off and hit the window without realizing it. They were probably there already and you just noticed them!
  4. unless the Llumar shop is doing a huge volume of jobs then I would question the quality they produce. Even with a high volume I would question the quality. I'm at $299 for a car, sides and back, with Global HP.... I'm higher than anyone around and my customers come back because the quality is there. There are so many factors in what it costs to run a shop. The film cost is so small in the grand scheme. To use Llumar my film cost would only be about $12 more for a full car! Choose the better shop and installer. Stop worrying about the cost of the film or the name.....
  5. Ummmm HE ASKED about Global and Llumar so yeah.
  6. The installer and the shop are and even more important part of your equation. Llumar film is more expensive.
  7. How much the film costs is not the question. The longevity and history of the film is what I'm concerned with. I used Llumar for just under 2 years in 2005 to 2007. Had one come back for a film failure. I then switched to Global and have never had a film failure come back to me... I really don't think there has been a film failure!
  8. I'm biased to Global as I'm a Global guy but I also think they make a superior product. Llumar is my close 2nd.
  9. Not the worst but not perfect. No perfect tint job though or it is very rare! That could be heated up, carded, and made to look a lot better. It really isn't that horrible and if you stop obsessing you might never notice it unless your cleaning the window.
  10. Go talk to the shop. Show them and let them tell you it is the glass or normal film. We deal with "it wasn't there before" too much and usually it's simply truly "we never seen that before"!
  11. Anyone have some Yellow gator blades they would sell? I'm down to my last new one. No one seems to have them in stock.
  12. Could just be the film causing this effect without the polarized glasses. Not as prominent of coarse but I've seen it depending on angle and what I'm looking at.
  13. Don't do for free. Charge a good rate but be willing to make it look great no matter how many times you have to do it. Do great work and you will get the business. Today you should be working advertising like here and Facebook...get in touch with glass shops, stereo, custom auto, any place that people would look for tint. If they aren't doing tint then connect with them and get the referral. Take care of them though. Buy lunch, give them a cut, something.
  14. https://www.google.com/search?q=Polymeric+vinyl&client=ms-android-att-aio-us&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8