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  1. I think that if YOU chose the tint darkness you are out of luck. You could have stated you wanted the "darkest legal" and they could have provided that but if you choose a darkness then you should have researched better or talked to the tint shop before.
  2. Get a really good 80% on the windshield. Never know is tinted from a visual point but you'll get a decent about of heat blocked. Technically legal? No. All they be able to tell? Not of the install is really great.
  3. The 3 specs in the sides look like a simple dust nib to me. If it is truly clear then it could be a flaw. Just the pictures we have look like a small contamination.
  4. Sounds like the hard coat, scratch resistant coating, is coming off. It looks like metallic flakes when it goes.
  5. If it messes up the tint I would bet the rest of the interior would be destroyed too!
  6. I buy from Solar Control Saint Louis. Richard is the best film distributor I've ever had. (314) 993-8468
  7. I've been using global HP for almost 14 years. Never seen any issue. In fact I had a vehicle back to get a broken window tinted and the other windows were perfect. No color change or fade on HP 05. A delivery vehicle that is in the sun all the time. It was 13 year old tint!
  8. I have 10" film for windshield strips. That's the most anyone gets anymore.
  9. No set number of times for me. It all depends on my mood, time available, and just what it is...... The last time I said yes to a utility tractor, glass was out, I did ONE attempt at the one window. Dirt ran down into my tint and I was done. It was never going to be what I expect my work to be! Never again on a tractor of any kind.
  10. Looks like "ghosting" which is a metal in film gathering heavily when shrinking the film. I had this with an all metal film when I started. Proper shrink is needed to spread out the heat..... Take it back.
  11. Over 8 years ago.....yeah he's still got it for sale
  12. They make or did make a clear film for windshield exterior. It would need to be replaced regularly depending on how the car is maintained and the wear and tear that it goes through....
  13. Yeah, that is normal for those windows. Get a bottle of "puffy paint" in the craft section at Wal-Mart. It is like a buck and will make a nice bead like caulking to cover those light gaps!
  14. I've got a car that was tinted 13 years ago with Global HP 05 that has zero color change or fade....pictures to show it too. It is a delivery vehicle and always outside.
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