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  1. Over 8 years ago.....yeah he's still got it for sale
  2. They make or did make a clear film for windshield exterior. It would need to be replaced regularly depending on how the car is maintained and the wear and tear that it goes through....
  3. Yeah, that is normal for those windows. Get a bottle of "puffy paint" in the craft section at Wal-Mart. It is like a buck and will make a nice bead like caulking to cover those light gaps!
  4. I've got a car that was tinted 13 years ago with Global HP 05 that has zero color change or fade....pictures to show it too. It is a delivery vehicle and always outside.
  5. Show me adhesive failure on Global HP, QDP or QFPC!
  6. I see a lot of crap on the video. The bottom on the back window isn't that much but the sides on the driver side lol really bad and the sunroof is rather narley....
  7. Only 150 for the front sides for a carbon tint..... That tint job sucks....PERIOD
  8. Never heard of 1%. The crap at Wal-Mart use to have a 2.5% but it wasn't really that dark. It metered at 5 from what I know. Madico had a darker film. Global QDP has a 4%. Truth is that you won't even see those little differences with your eyes.
  9. All new car glass is around 70%. "25% film" can be darker than 25 and still be called 25 too.... Manufacturing tolerances can be a few percent, meter can vary a few percent too....
  10. I thought, the OP, went to the shop and said he was told it was crap by tintdude. The shop came here and posted this. Who else would seriously defend this crappy of a tint job?
  11. Anyone else notice this melayeze has only 2 posts and on this. Wonder if they are the ones that did this job!
  12. Nothing like this would leave my shop. Perfect? No. Can you find more than a few specs on anything worth tinting? Absolutely not. You would have to be nose printing 99% of my work to find anything. This tint job could be done better by any beginner that has any skill level! I'll rephrase and say that if you think this is acceptable then you need to quit!
  13. If you think that is acceptable then I pity your clients! The amount of contamination is ridiculous. It isn't just a few specs and isn't something that needs to dry out!
  14. Always use a fresh sharp point when starting. I snap 2 points every time I snap to be sure I get the edge that I used as well as the point.
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