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  1. Picture had me confused. Going to have to reduce the light in the external office more. A roach said the DR films are the better choice because the are less reflective on the one side. You could try an auto 35 on a window, office side, and see if it makes enough difference. The office still needs to be at least 2 to 1 light difference. The industry standard is 8 to 1 light ratio.. If the light difference isn't there then nothing will help.
  2. external windows? You won't get it bright enough in the day time to see in well with that film! Makes no sense that they chose this film or you recommended it if they ever wanted to see in.
  3. Chicago also tried to have "home rule" on tint and didn't want to allow any on the front. They were writing tickets on parked cars. Thankfully the ILCS got updated to make that not be lethal any longer. You have stated you asked the tint shop about tinting in colder weather but then asked us because you don't trust them to tell you the truth.... 35% range is a great film but most aren't happy with it no matter the law. They want darker. I personally like a 35 on vehicles but have my own darker. Exterior color will make a difference in the way it looks too. Like i said, I hope you find happiness but I question that you will.
  4. Is you neighbors car the exact same? Year, exterior and interior color? If not then yours will look different. Are you getting the exact tint? If not it will look different. My customers don't all many questions and when they do they trust me. I have never had someone listen to be and be unhappy. 22 years has given me that insight. Only ones that have had issue with what they got came in and told me they knew more than me because they had looked up and got info from the internet. Overly "educated" with misinformation. Look up "the dilemma of choice" and you'll find one of the reasons I saying you won't be happy.....you will always think you could have done something better...
  5. Should be fine. Cooler temps will make it dry slower but won't stop it. Extremely low temps can freeze the slip solution and I've heard of a back window falling off because it froze but it is going to take a stupid low temp right after tinting is done.
  6. The few that are like you and come thinking they have it all figured out are the ones that will find issues that really are not issues. Overly "educated", internet knowledge, often wrong information, coming in telling us, the professional, what they know are really a joke to us. I can tell you that, 22 years of doing this, you are not going to be satisfied! You have over thought, over researched, and are far too worried about everything and I would lay odds that you will not be happy no matter what! I'm not sure what you think is wrong about my "shop" but I don't have to defend my business or my reputation. Rather you want truth or not this is my opinion. I honestly hope you find the unicorn tint they you are wanting.
  7. This is the "thunderdome" and you must not have been around long! The truth is this golf guy is NOT going to be happy. He is going to think that he didn't get dark enough, the heat rejection isn't what he thought it would be, defroster lines will be sparkling with headlights behind at night, the normal less than perfect tint job will have to many "bubbles" of dust, he'll see the imperfections in his window glass that show up with tint applied! He will not be happy....so I told the truth.
  8. You answered your question by searching. Is your forecast "freezing"? NO! Even if it was i bet you park in a garage.... I don't think you are going to be happy with any tint you get. You're way to worried about EVERYTHING and second guessing everything! Do us all a favor and either just get the tint and trust the shop or don't.
  9. Dude! Talk to the shop that is getting your business! We can't answer for them. You've had all this answered and if not then SEARCH the forum! I promise the answer is there.
  10. Yeah, I install year round here in So IL.
  11. I use Global HP 40. It will meter 32 to 35 or something like that.
  12. A "35 %" is just a classification. One 35 can be darker than another. There is also a tolerance and variance in the darkness of a film allowed. Meters have a variance and tolerance as well. If you are so worried then don't get the job done or go with an even lighter film. OR, go with the shop you feel most comfortable with, get the work done, get a promise that you will be within legal limits of you want. Anyway about it WE CAN'T HELP YOU anymore than we have unless you went to drive to one of our places!
  13. Most 40% film will meter out about 32 to 34. A 35 will meter out under 30. QDPC 38 should have metered out closer to 30. Bear in mind that film with liner and not installed will be a bit off on the meter.
  14. You basically got this answer in your 1st thread. I believe pinnacle is a little older tech and the IRX is newer and better heat rejection.....but I'm not that up on the Formula One films. I just know IRX is supposed to be supreme.