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  1. Ryker


    The distribution of the light is just as important as the brightness is. Sunlight is always going to win. Without light being full in the ambient then you are probably just blinding yourself with a single 10k lumen light.
  2. Are you serious? I'm guessing not. We know that Klingon is the best though.
  3. If you have a helper that can hold the film while you peel the liner or won't be bad. Same sort of slip you used for auto. Put the film on over size then trim. I sure you can find videos of how.
  4. What is the white specs all over the windows and trim? Looks like paint over spray. I think we're being punked.....
  5. Just because the car is brand new with no miles doesn't mean it was perfect. Glass could have been r&r before it even left the plant! I seriously doubt the tinter did this. If it was a hard card like tintdude says I think it would have destroyed the film....
  6. Nothing, repeat, nothing a window tinter does would make these. Looks like the glass might have been removed and replaced it's something.
  7. Charge as much or more than anyone around then do the job until it looks good enough. You might not make much but you won't be lowballing the pricing either!
  8. Frit and glass primer. Can get a one use tube that has a pad to paint with. Check with your local glass shops.
  9. Get a small charger to keep on older vehicles esp older batteries.
  10. Which is it? In a few months it went from good to compete crap?
  11. I personally don't worry about this much. Most are either single pane older windows or sinker pane insulated glass. While a low-e can effect the film choice I have not had any issues in 22 years. If its double pane I may try to stay a a general under a 50% Total Solar Absorbtion. If you find a triple pane you probably won't get a manufacturer to cover it no matter what. You can hold a light or lighter up to the window to find the number of panes and also often see a low-e coating.
  12. You can't drag solution over an already squeegeed place. Star pattern from the middle.
  13. What film you are using will make a big difference. Heat gun or guns, torch, how hot they are, how close, how you move them, how you angle them. All of these will make a difference in the shrink!
  14. Not acceptable in my opinion. Redo
  15. What vehicle? Bigger full picture?