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  1. If you're using the same filter then I question if it's debris that is coming the air in the new shop.
  2. I keep 20" and 40" Generally only use 40". Split 20"/20" for most regular sides and pull out 21 to 25" for truck and suv sides placing film sideways on these. Only use 20" for truck back windows and a very seldom single side window. For windshield strips I recently stated having a 10" roll. Darkness I only carry 50, 40, and 20 with 5" only for strips. Stopped dealing with 5% on anything but ws strips a couple years ago. Going to stop offering 50% soon too. No one gets it. Mostly 20 here.....
  3. I have used a graphics program to make my "pieces" then lay them out on my "film" color code sizes and use that as a cut sheet guide.
  4. So "energy savings" in flat glass is not something you can "show" either. You simply educate your customer the same as with upgrade from dyed to HP film... I only offer HP so I don't have to "upsell" but if I did my customer base would get it.
  5. The TSER numbers would disagree with you. I am guessing you're basing your thoughts on your French fry lamp. HP films give as much if not more heat rejection then the basic ceramic films.
  6. So you are saying that the heat rejection of hp films is not much better than a simply dyed film? Tser would disagree with that!
  7. Ryker

    Heat shrink

    Be certain you squeegee the way you have tacked the film. Don't push the film out along the top or bottom as you will make fingers on the sides.
  8. If your really doing great work and getting picked then RAISE YOUR PRICES! I bet you'll find less complaining the higher you get. This is only IF you are truly doing great work though.
  9. Yellow with black blade conquistador Orange crush cropped in a long handle fusion Red dot knife with nt stainless blades Black channel in an Unger handle MAPP gas TS 8000 tip Yellow gator blade White teflon hard card Custom cut angle white card Cropped black "turbo" with fusion handle That's my main auto tools
  10. If you have them a written or any warranty then you are on the hook somewhat. Might get by with an offer to tint the new window for free if they get it replaced.
  11. Temperature makes a big difference. Far too many things could contribute. If it isn't sliding pull it back and try more of your slip mixture. I keep a heavy mix bottle for such times.
  12. Yeah, the consensus is don't! I for one have not nor do I plan to use it.
  13. If it is just streaking but not peeling then it will dry. You can heat it up to dry it if you feel the need. If peeling then scrub it with a scrub pad as in the post shared.
  14. I honestly don't know the "recommended" amount anymore. I've used film on for over 15 years. I use a 2 cap full per 2 litre water using RO filtered water for my normal.