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  1. Nope no one here tints windows! A clear film isn't going to block that much heat.
  2. Just have to learn to bend the film without the pinches. I had issue with a certain film that got marks really easy. I don't have issue with my Global unless I get plumb stupid with bending it.
  3. Global DR is a really nice black interior for sure... Is TFI, oil slick, still an issue with LED light?
  4. That is going to be a very small difference in what you see.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SOLAR-NON-REFLECTIVE-GLITTER-IRIDESCENT-WINDOW-TINT-FILM-20-X-10-FT-F-101D-/121657982280?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 Wouldn't want it but here you go
  6. Environment, both the shop and the vehicle have a huge part. The water you use, the film you use, the way you clean, the way you peel and handle the film, your personal hygiene and clothes cleaning practices can ALL play into small imperfections.....
  7. QDP? Dyed, color stable film. 1.5 mil thick. Aggressive adhesive. Great shrink. Global makes every component of their film. they make the poly for many other companies.... You won't find a better film IMO. Not for the price for certain.
  8. Ryker


  9. You are nuts.... Imo that is. Silhouette is not close to the best.
  10. What squeegee are you using? I use a wide yellow flat out fusion in a long fusion handle. Moves a lot of water.
  11. You know the plotter is only part of it? The programs cosy monthly and aren't really cheap. Unless you do A LOT and have someone to run the cutter you won't really save time IMO.
  12. Yes. Get a new sticker and replace after tint.
  13. Is the film the right direction? Need to shrink towards the factory edge...