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NEW 2008 BMW X5 - best type of tint?

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I just got a new 2008 BMW X5 and it didn't come with tinted windows like I thought it would. :rollin now I need to get after market tinting, but am hestitant at picking a tint shop without know what is the best for it. I don't want cracking, peeling, bubbling or looking like an add-on!!

does anyone know what the best type is tint for an '08 X5 Monaco Blue with light grey interior? the dealership said go with 3M, but I keep hearing about suntek HP. also, what percentage, 20%? please help! :rollin

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many BMW owners are concerned with RF interference form conventional (3M) films

there are several brands of Ceramic non-metallic films

cars that cater to expensive tastes

deserve expensive premium films :spit


just don't call it "your baby"

we charge extra for that :lol2

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