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  1. Most films make available technical performance value sheets with one parameter being the U-value. They usually list all their films and at some location on that sheet will give the values of glass before film is applied.
  2. One pair sunglasses for driving only, polarized for out of vehicle.
  3. I'd use a diagram for marking blemishes as well as take digital pictures. Whether you save the pictures or calla bluff is totally your decision. Digital pics won't lie, though.
  4. Centering ... YES. Edit: I cut one side edge, slide over twice the amount needed to distribute on the sides, cut opposite side, then center before cutting the top edge.
  5. Sorry to be so late on a reply, I don't get here much these days. If I were in Tampa FL (as I was in Naples years ago), I would not be using any ceramic film product on my home windows. The reason; ceramics are generally known for high solar absorption rates; meaning a greater amount of the solar energy that strikes the glass will be absorbed into the glass. Now, based on the theory that heat always seeks cold and AC is used a 8-10 months out of the year down there, a greater amount of that absorbed heat will radiate indoors making a hot spot near the glass. All window film works on the premise that outdoor wind will cool the glass, thus drawing absorbed heat away. Any reported performance values are based on a 7 mph wind speed passing over the exterior glass surface. Question is, just how cool does the wind need be on the outside to make this happen. On a 90 degree day, the cooler temps are in the house under AC use. You may want to entertain the idea of a dual-reflective film product such as LLumar DR35, 3M Night Vision 35, or Vista 38 or a like product under the Panorama brand name. These products absorb less in solar energy than a ceramic product and have higher reflective capacity in comparison. The higher the total solar reflectance, the greater reduction of solar energy getting through the glass/film combo into a home's interior. From an exterior appearance perspective, the three products listed will leave your glass looking moderately reflective, which would not exceed the look of having dual pane glass windows. Dual-reflective products allow better outward viewing at night compared with straight reflective products. Hope this is helpful.
  6. I would presume in a hospital setting, where exposure is potentially high, a mask would quickly become useless and need be changed. I do the same as you with the masks I have (KN95). But, my thinking is based in terms of the report about exposure time/accumulated amounts as to when and how often to change my mask. Going on what I've read, I spend little time outside home and the numbers in our county are small compared to hot spots so, accumulating particles would have to have me in several different places with someone in those environments being infected. Then there's the part about the virus being unable to live longer than 24 hr on cardboard (a paper product). My mask stays in the car, which is used at most twice a week. Hmm, nothing like inhaling dead corona. I had the same cough in Feb and many others I know went through it too. It lasted a day or two with my body temperature staying just below 100, but the cough hung in there, as with other corona-like symptoms, about two weeks tops. Being retarded ::err:: retired, it was easy to stay home. Many of us who had that want to believe it was SARS COV 2 but, I believe that's a pipe dream under today's circumstances. Maybe a close cousin, who knows.
  7. Another of the stylist exposed 56 more. I you look at the picture I posted above, the mask only contains particles to the immediate vicinity of the infected wearer. Not much good when hovering over one's shoulder. On the other hand it's been shown that there is 75% reduction in infection rates with a mask. Now, did they base their experimentation on being over someone's shoulder or like the picture posted above? You have to love the way this whole thing gets knit-picked apart instead of simply doing what the CDC recommends we do. We wouldn't be in this spot IF all would have just done their part to keep others safe. As to the lawyers statement above ... IMO, it was not written for those who understand when gov't can and will encroach upon our rights but, for those who can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that this is absolutely one of those times. It's just that we have far too many posting cute pictures of baby animals.
  8. A lawyer's message circulating on social media outlets: PSA Today’s shared post PSA: “But my liberties and rights!” I’m glad you asked about that, because I’m a lawyer. In fact, I’m a lawyer who specifically deals with liberties and rights on a daily basis. First of all, you have been temporarily inconvenienced, not oppressed. You have not lost a single right. Not one. Your right to assembly, you say? Your right to assemble is fully intact. Yes, it is. That right is the right of free association, not the right to gather wherever you feel like it whenever you feel like it. It means that the government can’t prohibit you from joining organizations. And they aren’t. Not one governmental entity out there is saying you can’t be part of Citizens for Pro-Plague Nuttery. What they are saying right now is that you can’t hold public gatherings of more than a certain number of people. The Supreme Court has long upheld “time, place, and manner” restrictions on things like public gatherings. Those don’t infringe upon your rights, according to SCOTUS, if they are within a certain well-defined framework. Honestly, this is less draconian than quarantines of the past. Most of you don’t know that because we haven’t had to do this in a very long time, like 75 years long time. But back before we had vaccines to a lot of things, if the government so much as suspected you had measles or smallpox, you would get your house sealed up and you didn’t go *anywhere* for two or three weeks while they shoved a few casserole dishes under the door. They’d put a big sign on the door that says “no entry or exit” and if you tried, some burly men would “politely explain” to you why that was not permitted. You didn’t go out for essentials. You didn’t go out for a walk. And they didn’t have Netflix or Instacart back then. There is no constitutional right to own a business or go to work. Not in there. I’m sorry some of you are suffering, and I feel for you. I legitimately get that some of you are going to lose a lot from this and possibly everything you built. But it’s not a right. You didn’t have that right before, which is why people go bankrupt or get laid off or have their business ventures fail. Again, you have been temporarily inconvenienced, not oppressed. But let’s say for the sake of argument, you have had an actual, honest-to-goodness right infringed. You haven’t, but let’s just say you did. That’s not the end of the story. The government *can* infringe on your rights. Oh yes, they can, and legally so. How much the government infringes on your rights only changes the level of scrutiny the Court applies. If they are going to fully deprive you of a fundamental right, they need to have a compelling reason to do it and their actions need to be narrowly tailored to the harm being prevented. Public health and safety, especially where it comes to highly infectious diseases, has been upheld as a compelling governmental interest that can override fundamental rights including the right to free exercise of religious beliefs. And stay-at-home orders are narrowly tailored, too. You can go out to stores for essentials, you can leave your house to go for a walk, you can get food delivered to you. You can go for a drive just to get out if you want. It just closes non-essential businesses that by design put lots of people in a confined space. That is narrowly tailored to the things causing the pandemic to spread the most. It is not liberty to require human sacrifice to the gods of capitalism. It is not liberty to put people in danger. It is not liberty to indirectly kill people. You do not have a right to endanger me and my family because you want to have a beer with the fellas at the corner pub. You do not have a right to commit negligent homicide. Edit: I wasn't expecting this to go viral. Apparently, I need to add a bit of addendum and disclaimer. Questions and rational dissent are welcome. Insults, general aggravating comments, picking fights, trolling, and asshattery are not. Keep it civil or I will just delete your comment and block you, and frankly I won't lose a minute of sleep over it. If you're not sure how to dissent without sounding like an asshole about it, post a picture of a cute baby animal. Your displeasure will be duly noted.
  9. An excellent site for tracking numbers by state: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  10. In case you missed it this news is running across several different news outlets. I've copied the link for one of them: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/19/coronavirus-wearing-a-mask-can-reduce-transmission-by-75percent-new-study-claims.html
  11. Recent finding and report out says it's more about time exposed to the virus. In other words, the more you expose yourself to a virus contaminated space, the more likely you will develop Covid19. Here's a scenario; an infected person enter a small store and through their breathing they leave behind a particular level of viral particles (loud talker expels more vs low voice talker expels less). You walk in and pick up a few particles of the virus but, it is not enough to cause an infection, which would lead to Covid symptoms. You walk into another small space, or even a large space, and pick up more viral particles and so on in your travels throughout a trip into the public domain. You accumulate enough virus particles to a point that you contract the infection. If you are in a small store and an infected person without a mask coughs on the other side of the room (say a small jewelry store), the viral saturation would indeed deliver enough virus particles in one fell swoop to cause infection. Stores like Walmart, Grocery stores, Home Improvement are larger in (cubic) volume providing plenty of area for the virus particles to disperse rather than be concentrated in a Jewelry store area, by comparison. These larger cubic area stores also have vastly larger ventilation systems compared to small area retailers. Pick your shopping area wisely. Wearing an N95/KN95 mask in smaller, close encounter areas goes a long way in avoiding exposure to small amounts of the virus that will add up to a point of causing infection compared with speeding the count inside the body by not having protection or practicing protection through avoidance. Like they said in the early days of this uptick in the US, go about your business believing everybody (but you) is infected.
  12. I was shying away from the political aspect as best I could, even though I took a couple jabs at the current administration ... however, you are correct in your assessment, IMO. Many who worship this administration seemingly cannot see beyond their Kool-aid being fed through gaslighting, lies and mis-information. It's like I said in another social media venue, how can one expect one party who lives in the past to know what's good for today's world. Especially those who clutch their crosses while ignoring all the teachings that cross represents. Addition edit: I have been an independent who votes either party in terms of the person. I can no longer look toward voting the Republican side since their overall agenda smacks of fascism. Sadly there are people who vote party just because, rather than look beyond party and see what's best for everyone as the country grows, changes and progresses ... all the while relying on their spiritual side aka empathy toward others, compassion, acceptance and so on. Just a tad bit of research would enlighten many to the direction this current administration is taking all of us. Instead of being red against blue, it should be we the people against the corporate takeover of our government. Far too many who identify as republican seemingly and sadly continue to vote against their own self interest. This guy at the top now has been a grifter all his life and with a grifter any actions taken are only for their own self interest. This guy could give two sticks for any one of us. This whole pandemic plan is based on securing re-election and nothing to do with the sick and dying. He's not capable of empathy. I know it's off topic but we are in times not seen in a century and back then it was far fewer of us spread out across this land and far less technology to get us where we needed to be then. This time is far different and we have become spoiled. Ann Frank hid in an attic to avoid the Nazis for about two years whereby we have folks going zonkers if they don't have their way over a couple of months. Sad.
  13. Maybe so ... I can grasp the science here however, explain the difference in securing the spread in Asian countries that are use to wearing masks (because of pollution) who did so seriously when Sars 2 came on their scene. They must be more effective than not wearing one and definitely so when wearing a N95 in a covid unit. The homemade crap is more effective than not wearing and that's really not saying much. My sis-in-law worked the covid floor at our hospital and was provided a N95 mask. She did not contract the virus. In reading all replies to this point since being here last, there seems to be a consensus that, 1) our gov't botched the protection and actions needed to contain and slow infection rates, 2) it's important to take precautions in 'hot' areas and 3) we are a cavalier society when it comes to believing we are protected by the constitution. The latter aspect is incorrect thinking since the early 1900's when it was found to be constitutional, when it comes to protecting the welfare and health of the entire population at large, to suspend freedoms for the benefit of the whole. Roanoke didn't have any cases at one point in time then, someone traveled into the area with it and we now see at last count 235 cases in about one months' time. The assisted living place a quarter mile away has had it run rampant through its facility. I no longer go the the grocery store near that facility and the one I do go to, I wear a N95 mask or it's equivalent, KN95, which can be found at Staples (3-pak 18$). I'm in the high risk group so, you may understand why I like to push the idea of protecting others over self. Edit: We can watch in real time how the virus plays out in Wisconsin where their supreme court just shot down the stay at home order over procedural errors. Their current count is 10,902 and with folks now free to run to the bar for a drink, hmm. It's highly likely the governor there will simply rewrite, fixing the errors, and re-instate the order. Let see if their numbers spike down the road since it takes a few days to develop asymptomatic covid. To wear a mask or to not wear a mask, that is the question. Or will it just make me look stupid?
  14. Apples to orange comparison here. Have you wore a mask to stay safe from TB? In forty years time I have never contracted TB and I'm going to presume you haven't either. At the rate the current contagion is spreading, left unchecked with our extremely weak remedial action, it will be far less than forty years that the same can be said. Also, TB in its latent form is not contagious whereas corona is contagious until antibodies are generated in the body in sufficient amount to kill it. Furthermore, TB in its latent form has only a 10% lifetime chance the (latent) infection will progress to overt, active tuberculous disease. Not so, with corona. Although, active TB does beat out corona by having a 65% mortality rate. Ouch! Obviously today's remedial actions for TB have muted its ability to spread like corona. Remedial actions our gov't is currently not taking. To the contrary, they are allowing this to spread. We have no early detection method in place such as the one used for TB. The best test out there is currently in use for the elite and gov't officials and even then it carries a 15% false-positive rate. This may explain why the WH is seeing the virus hit their personnel. Yes TB is serious, however, when was the last time you saw scientists tracking TB's infection rate like they are corona? They still track cases however, and again, there are checks and balances built into our medical system and society that thwart the opportunity for TB to spread like this corona. If you listen to or read anything from the current administration in DC or Fox or OANN, and aside from Dr. Fauci types aka other renowned scientists investigating this corona, you will eventually catch this virus and develop Covid-19. It does not discriminate (and now we see the young are affected). We cannot compare the two without both being on the same playing field of (remedial) action hence, oranges to apples.