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residential window film suggestion?

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Hi everyone,


I'm new to all of this, so looking to you veterans for some advice :)


I have a large 12'x7' casement window that is south facing and gives off a lot of heat into the living room. There's a great view through the window that we definitely don't want to lose, but we want to reduce heat and glare coming in. The windows are triple pane, LoE-180 on surface #5. From what I've read, our option is to go with an external film such as 3M Prestige exterior series or LLumar Vista (thinking neutral / 35%).


1) Due to being triple pane and with the LoE coating, the windows have a visible transmittance of 0.46 - what would be a safe tint level to shoot for knowing this?

2) I've read some issues with 3M Prestige degrading over a few years and darkening/going hazy. Does the Vista exterior line have this issue as well?

3) Is there a tint product that you would recommend (Prestige, Vista, or other) for what we are looking for (heat + glare reduction)?


Cheers and thanks in advance!

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