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  1. @ErieTint Thanks for your response. I would like to go the same route you have went, my big hangup on striking out on my own from the start is mastering the skills needed well enough to where I feel confident charging for those skills. I know after completing a training course it will still take a lot of practice to get the skills down and really feel confident. Places like this definitely help, but I think it would still be a hard transition. On the flip side, as someone who worked in a shop for almost 12 years and now has complete control of my schedule in my current position, I would love to continue to have control of my schedule with my current family needs.
  2. @poppawilly67 Did you work in a tint shop previously? Or have you always been on your own?
  3. @poppawilly67 I had a coworker at a truck accessory shop I worked at a while back who did the same thing. He was 24 on/48 off and would work 1-2 days at our shop for extra cash and a discount on parts for this truck. He said most of the guys he worked with either had a side job or business on their days off. Do you work for yourself or at a tint shop?
  4. @Apex Tint I can understand the things you didn't like about working in a shop. After having done so for a number of years I have seen plenty instances of both. I would honestly like to go the same route as you have went. I really enjoy my current position and do not really want to go back to working in a shop if I can figure out a way to do it on my own. However, I do understand the learning curve involved in this business and would love to gain some experience if I can find a situation that would work. Do you have a shop or workspace? The major thing holding me back from going that route is that I don't currently have a space to work in. I would have to rent shop space in order to do so.
  5. And have another job or go to school? Or another arrangement? A little background on me: I have worked in the automotive aftermarket for almost 16 years. I worked in a retail shop for almost 12 years and have been working in e-commerce for the past 4 years. I enjoy my current position, but miss working on cars. Tinting is something that has interested me for a number of years and I really wish I had learned how to do it years ago. I am currently considering attending a training class in the early part of next year. After completing a training class I would like to find a part time position in the field. I would like to keep my current position, but the hours are flexible and I figure I could work approximately 2 days per week tinting in addition to my current position. It's just that in my time working in a custom shop I don't recall any of the window tinters being part time employees, all were full time. I would prefer doing auto tint, but am willing to entertain flat glass as well. I'm just curious of the prevalence of part time positions or other more flexible arrangements in the tint industry.
  6. I am trying to get started and maybe interested. Can you provide more info on exactly what you have?
  7. I have been looking at schools including Stan's and his DVDs as well. I'm interested in attending, just need to figure out a plan of action after I get back to continue learning while maintaining my day job.
  8. Great question, was planning to ask the same myself. I am in a similar spot......wanting to learn to tint while keeping my day job. I have considered going to a school or training class, however I know a lot of practice is needed afterwards and my issue would be having somewhere to practice after I finish the class. There used to be a place in my area where you could rent a garage bay for the hour or day, unfortunately they closed up a few years ago. Looking forward to hearing suggestions from others.
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