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  1. Why did you choose to get your Lamborghini tinted at "Modern Image"? Can we see a picture of your lamborghini and the receipt for the tint job?
  2. I think we need some justification for this entire thread. He's speaking negatively about a tint shop. I'd like to see a receipt from the shop and the amount paid & lets hear from the OP on why he chose that shop specifically in california where there is a tint shop on every corner (which according to others would've been much cheaper)
  3. I mean, he isn't the only tint shop in california lol. There was zero price gouge going on, it wasn't gas or water that he needed to buy and couldn't get it anywhere else. The damn photo isn't even a lambo lol, he might be slamming the tint shop, and we are debating a false situation. Think about photography. What makes one wedding photographer worth $5k and another $45k? Just because there is a cheaper option, doesn't mean the more expensive option is ripping someone off or being dishonest.
  4. That's just it. Where are you getting that he's over charging? I'm happy your shop is doing well. I'm happy your employee's don't wish to earn more money. Like others have said, if he wanted after hours appointment, if he had complications, if he just wanted that tint artist to tint his lambo, the price goes up. In every industry you can get something cheap and something expensive. From Hamburgers to golf clubs. The experience and customer service is different. I am curious as to what an "honest price" is? if someone charges less than you, are they giving their customers a more honest price?
  5. hmmm, is the risk the same tinting a lambo (which the pictures didn't look like) vs a kia soul? It's not a high price. We don't know the whole story. A fair price is what someone is willing to pay. I mean you could say the same thing about the lambo itself lol, A lambo is over priced. You need an oil change? call and get a quote for a civic oil change and thats what you should pay lol. How about the car insurance? will it be comparable to the kia soul? We need to look at all those same considerations. I feel bad for people who feel negatively about earning money, or guilty if they make over $50k a year, you have the wrong mindset, you're not ripping off the customer charging a price they are willing to pay, you're ripping off your family by not charging that price.
  6. I don't like the new wagner heat guns & I'm ready to try something new. I was about to order a steinel & figured I'd check "OfferUp" first, because I was wanting to try the old makita heat guns I hear people raving about when I came across this "New in Box" MIlwaukee. i'm in love, the sad part is knowing that when it's gone, it's gone lol
  7. glue is probably still on the window stopping the movement. Clean the window better and try again
  8. 2020 MTE is canceled in Vegas, they said that they'd be back in 2021 so that's good for us in Vegas (having the conventions reschedule vs canceling) I haven't checked on SEMA yet, what do you guys think?
  9. Suntek The carbon did have issues around 06 0r 08 I remember it would fade quickly. Sounds like they fixed the issue. When was the last time you used their carbon?
  10. I saw that, but he hasn't posted an executive order yet so nothing is mandatory as of now. The news is telling people to stop calling 911 to report non essential businesses that are working.
  11. Vegas is the same way, ghost town on the strip. Governor ordered shut down for 30 days & all nonessential work stopped at noon today. I still see other "nonessential" work going on, I too wonder what the penalty is? Who decides what is essential? Safety and security film will be essential in a couple weeks if this keeps up. Hope we all make it out of this ok.
  12. Just checking in to see if there are any active members of tint dude that offer PDR.
  13. according to the rep at SEMA it's a step below crystalline
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