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  1. I saw that, but he hasn't posted an executive order yet so nothing is mandatory as of now. The news is telling people to stop calling 911 to report non essential businesses that are working.
  2. Vegas is the same way, ghost town on the strip. Governor ordered shut down for 30 days & all nonessential work stopped at noon today. I still see other "nonessential" work going on, I too wonder what the penalty is? Who decides what is essential? Safety and security film will be essential in a couple weeks if this keeps up. Hope we all make it out of this ok.
  3. Just checking in to see if there are any active members of tint dude that offer PDR.
  4. Diablo's Tint

    Diablo's Tint

  5. according to the rep at SEMA it's a step below crystalline
  6. $99 tint jobs J/k like posted above, lots of variables. Are you a tinter needing advice on film purchase, a customer trying to compare 2 films against each other? Tell us more of your back story.
  7. sorry about giving "carjoe" a hard time, I see now under their name it says sponsor. I'll look for that in the future :cheers 

    1. TintDude


      No worries, I appreciate you guys looking out. :thumb 

  8. That's a beautiful shop!! Post some interior and shop pics too please.
  9. The social sites are rewarding native content and hurting non native content. What is native content? A Facebook live video is native, posting a link to your cool YouTube video on Facebook is non native content. It makes sense, they want to keep people on the app, if you post something that takes them away, your organic reach will be shortened.
  10. @davebheam I'm looking forward to it.. I'll take a ton of pictures and a few videos and share my experience here with you guys.
  11. Who's going to MTE next month? I will be attending, for the first time.
  12. also think about how many competing shops are carrying each film. If there are 3 shops using xpel and none using suntek, Suntek may be the better option and vice versa.
  13. WOW!! That sucks. Happy you got all stitched up.