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  1. yeah, I just had to change a few things up this year. I'm getting old and I was realizing how much more time it was taking me to remove and re install seals and door panels especially on certain types of vehicles. It only makes sense to charge a little bit extra for the time it takes to do the job you want to do it. Even an extra 25.00 to yank seals out that only takes an extra 2-5 minutes can help out in paying over head and stuff like that in the long run. sometimes I will charge an extra 50.00 - 100.00 for door panel removal and reinstall, all it comes down to is how much longer is it going to take you and charge accordingly. I even have large wall stopwatch clocks mounted in my bay to time my jobs. If someone is only paying me for an hour and a half of my time then I definitely keep an eye on the clock and make sure I get it out the door within that time they are paying me for. I'm busy enough so I don't need to be bending over backwards for cheap customers anymore and spending twice as long on their vehicles than what they are paying me for while they sit and wait then have the nerve to keep asking me how much long longer until it's done. so annoying.
  2. I used to pull seals out and remove panels on pretty much everything, now I offer the customer to do the installation one or two ways, top load or bottom load. They are gonna pay me more for any removal and reinstall but get a way higher quality job with less prone to peeling. If they want to be cheap then so be it. I tuck it and out the door it goes. No warranty for peeling from the bottom and if there's a little extra dirt in the installation or creases from doing the tucking method then you get what you pay for. time is money, if anything peels from the bottom I charge a fee for doing it the way I wanted to do it the first time. No more free bee's around here.
  3. The film is always the first to blame but 99% of the time if there's peeling issues, it's the installer.
  4. install it properly and you won't have peeling issues. Do you top load film or remove seals and bottom load it?
  5. what the heck is a back blade pass...?
  6. Yeah that's the way to go. just go so close to the top edge where it's just barely at the bevel, then if you have to file one of the corners or something just use one of the small needle nose files. works very well. if I gotta shave a whole edge then yeah use the bigger bastard file the the little needle nose ones for the corners
  7. People are stupid, just sit down, shut up and let me tint your car. better yet just drop the damn thing off, stop looking over my shoulder while I'm working and go home. I will call you when I'm done. There's this magical thing called door panel dressing which shines up your door panel and takes care of the water streaks. I use it for the customers that pay me what I want to be paid and don't ask me for deals. For the cheap customers I bomb the door panels with water and don't even bother wiping off the water streaks. As you can see I don;t deal well with cheap customers.
  8. Best post I have ever seen. every car is a piece of sheitttt matter how expensive it is
  9. see now this is what I don't get... why is it completely legal for dealerships or other ships to put big lift kits, fog lights, lower vehicles right to the ground ,any other aftermarket modification which would fail a safety etc..and not be held responsible for the consequences the same way we would for installing darker than regulation window tint...?
  10. I would think for a whole car but even that isn't worth it to me anymore. I charge 1000.00 for removal and re tints lol, I just tell people to do it themselves and I don;t have time for that crap.
  11. Any convertible is a piece of junk, I quote over $1000.00 for those things just to see the look on peoples faces when I say that haha. Try it once then you will know why noone likes tinting those pieces of S&it!!!
  12. They will cover the 10ft. of the defective part of film for sure. Either reimburse you for the defective portion or just get you to send the roll back in return for a completely new roll, whichever option you prefer. Done and done.
  13. use tint slime or baby shampoo will absolutely fill your tank with grime and dirt over time unless you flush it out EVERYDAY which will waste a lot of time and money. i can have my tank oft tint slime filled for weeks and not have to worry about junk contaminating the water like baby shampoo would
  14. most mobile guys are generally hacks and would not be able to compete with a reputable shops quality. I would only go mobile if I really needed the money and would just do hack jobs all day !!!!