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  1. i am a 24 year master tinter who relocated from northwest indiana to work all year around, i am one of the best of the best if you can afford me i will represent your shop with the highest quality workmanship and customer service. only contact me if you have steady business all year around i left indiana and shut down my shop of 19 years to come to florida id rather join an established team then create new competition. you can call me 219-218-1815 Mike Priestas Owner Kustom-Tint Auto Appearance Center facebook or google me for my resume...
  2. Hi everyone i have a very successful Tint and accessory shop in Crown Point Indiana(Kustom-Tint Auto Appearrance Center) and my family and i are moving to Sarasota Florida and i am not familiar with the area, i want to be in a wealth area or mid to upper class area. Any suggestions as to the best area to do this?