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  1. It didnt fall apart?
  2. China is using this to their advantage and we have to deal with it too, which is part if their agenda. They should of kept everything mostly open. More people would get sick but at least the economy would go in a ditch. The virus is only dangerous to the young and elderly. Its like a normal flu to most. CDC guy reported yesterday, 99% recovery & 1% death. Sounds kind of like the normal flu doesnt it?
  3. For prices that low I doubt you’d get either. Run for the hills.
  4. Bottom loading works great for front roll-ups, but some rears you’ll want to top with the seal out or panel off, especially the ones where the side seals stick out on both sides.
  5. pbalentine


  6. One from last week with 35 & 18 CXP.
  7. Back tinting a lot of these. Trying to find that BS post from a guy claiming to tint 100’s showing pictures of Teslas lined up and some with cracks in glass. Now I realize that post was created to rank in search engines and scare others from tinting them. Tesla 3 is simple, any cracking in the glass is from body flex....tint away!!
  8. Anyone remove the seals? Theyre attached to the frame.
  9. Dont be that tinter that takes pride in being fast. Most of them cut corners or are full or shiat. Seriously, how can you be that fast if you live on this forum?? Just a bunch or posers.
  10. If custy doesnt like it, then its needs to be replaced. I rarely get comebacks, but would never care to replace a window because I know that if it was right I would not be getting a call about it. That top edge looks like they should of scrubbed it. Also, if you see this after cleaning its from rolling the window up in the channel, picking up trash before final clean.
  11. pbalentine

    2016 Audi S8/a8

    For the foam on the sides of the bg, just heat it up and push it back with a hard card to create some room on sides.
  12. I just order from suntek, since every tool is cheaper.