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  1. Thought about the waiver some, but the access for windshields sucks now. The center consoles are getting bigger and most have stuff by the mirror. If you’re doing them now you better have 1-2 soak ropes, and have that module covered. I did 22 Lexus RX460 yesterday and glanced at the shield and said no way.
  2. Looks like the film patterns are butting up against the edge making the edge lift. Yeah, $1300 is high.
  3. The tape is 1/2” wide and is along the small side of the front & rear rollups. It has to be removed. First remove the bottom sweep (takes one screw behind handle) and heat the edge and scrap it off with an olfa blade.
  4. The CX9 is a 100% bottom load for me along with anything where the small mirror side is real short, like the Lexus IS250. The CX9 seal comes out with one screw (behind handle) with out removing the panel. I started out tucking everything and now only tuck maybe 10% of the time, which is 99% F150s.
  5. Just never double layer. You cant clean the window well with a layer of tint and the top edge will likely overlap or underlap. Also, whenever I do removals with the double layer, Ive had the second layer practically fall off like it wasnt sticking. I guess thats why film is made to stick to glass, not another layer of tint.
  6. I just clean normal and they get what they get. When a car is that it shows they dont care. Every single car I tint for a really picky person shows up detailed.
  7. I use an 8” roll for visors and save any scraps that can do a visor.
  8. Wont dont people just call the F’ing shop that did it??
  9. Sunteks new Ceramic is way better now. They changed it a few months ago. The green hue is gone and its more black than CXP now. Also, they added a 15%, which is darker if anything.
  10. Foxbody mustang=no tucking. These are a must to bottom drop.
  11. Id say after 2. I had a Vette a long time ago I tried 3 on. I turn down Vettes now. To learn them I would need to do them regularly, which is the problem. I’ll turn down Beetles too.
  12. Tinted 7 times and didnt fry the electronic module on the driver side of the windshield?? Damn thats lucky. Im glad I stopped tinting them.
  13. For the ones Ive done, I flush like crazy, razor window, scrub and squeegee like 4x times. Then just end up with tons of contamination like it wasnt even cleaned along with light gaps. I will never tint one again!
  14. Using the 60” is complete waste of time. If you’re not butt seaming these by now you’re as clueless as the shop this guy went to.
  15. No way around it…they suck. So relieved to not do them anymore. I’ll just let my comp do these, and I’ll just schedule more full vehicles. Plus, 90% of people want them on Trucks and Teslas…no thanks!
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