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  1. Sunteks new Ceramic is way better now. They changed it a few months ago. The green hue is gone and its more black than CXP now. Also, they added a 15%, which is darker if anything.
  2. Foxbody mustang=no tucking. These are a must to bottom drop.
  3. Id say after 2. I had a Vette a long time ago I tried 3 on. I turn down Vettes now. To learn them I would need to do them regularly, which is the problem. I’ll turn down Beetles too.
  4. Tinted 7 times and didnt fry the electronic module on the driver side of the windshield?? Damn thats lucky. Im glad I stopped tinting them.
  5. For the ones Ive done, I flush like crazy, razor window, scrub and squeegee like 4x times. Then just end up with tons of contamination like it wasnt even cleaned along with light gaps. I will never tint one again!
  6. Using the 60” is complete waste of time. If you’re not butt seaming these by now you’re as clueless as the shop this guy went to.
  7. No way around it…they suck. So relieved to not do them anymore. I’ll just let my comp do these, and I’ll just schedule more full vehicles. Plus, 90% of people want them on Trucks and Teslas…no thanks!
  8. I bottom load them all pretty much. Its either a few minutes to remove stuff or fixing imperfections from leaving it on.
  9. BMW..just low end Euro junk.
  10. Make sure you clean reallywell. I squeegee twice and flush heavy on sides and bottom.
  11. Ive seen that one. It would be too weak. Im still waiting for a heat gun thats solely made for tinting.
  12. 30 seconds into the video and I just wanted to rip the film off and slam dunk it in the trash! I would never see enough of these to learn them...same with Beetle. Tight work though!!
  13. Seals that pull with one to zero screws.
  14. For top cut I hold olfa how Jason holds a butcher knife. Then I cut right to left. Im right handed.
  15. If anything, the 21’s are easier since they changed the defrosters lines on the BG. The lines are not as thick and run horizontally. No more peanut problems. I sand the lines if the older ones. Sanded the hell of a 21 Charger and got zero peanuts.
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