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  1. Darreniod


  2. Hi All, Does anyone know much about Hanita ir70? Anybody tried it? Would you recommend it? Cheers
  3. Hi All, Wondering what people are charging for flat glass. Cheers D !!
  4. Hahahaha, I do work for a Ford dealership!! ARRRRRGGGHHHHH
  5. That seat is going to end all the old and fat. I'm a little of both .
  6. Hi all, I'm getting peanuts in the latest Mustang hard tops. Can't seem to dial em out. Did them when I was with Tint a car and didn't have a problem. Using Sunteck and Hanita's Sigma pro. They both shink in easy, go on OK, then peanuts.I'm steel wooling the demisters, and today I set the tint up sideways so that the shrink went with the demisters. Went better but not prefect. Making me crazy. Anyone got any suggestions?
  7. It will be interesting if you get a toe into Oz. Mep is Meh. Stupid Accc shouldn't let such a domination.
  8. GTS, Thanks for the run down mate, very helpfull. The job wasn't that hard to do but I took the first door trim off and made it hard for myself. The next one went quickly. Again, thanks for the feedback, it's cool to reach out and get advice. Have a good w'end.
  9. Hi All, Has anyone got any advice on the new Transit windups. The rubbers seem to be one piece and SUPER tight. Does anyone cut them?
  10. Hi I know that I'm 8yrs late on this post but I tinted my son Ford Festiva, aka the Festy, and a few days later I took it out to get pizza 4 dinner and while I was in the car I hear a weird cracking sound and the rear screen blew. It stayed in the car and together because of the film. No one else that I have spoken to have had this event. Car had film on it for at least 10 yrs that I had stripped about two months earlier and then retinted later. Just luck of the glass I suppose.
  11. GTS, mate you are a FONT of information. Thanks for the info, SUPER appreciate it.
  12. Hi all, Looking into using Hanita Pacific Film. It "sounds" good, but I'm concerned about it's longevity. Has anyone got good data? Cheers