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  1. I am looking to train the right person who has a neat professional appearance, good driving record and willing to learn. This job will be more than installing film. We do unique projects for unique customers, so contact me for more info if interested. Very little experience needed in window tinting. Of course the more the better. I am in the Inland Empire area. Thanks
  2. Ive installed thousands of sq ft of this film..Whats the question?
  3. I am looking to purchase an existing window tinting shop that has employees. I do not want to run the daily operations, nor do I want to install anymore. I have a good commercial tinting business located in Southern California, but am interested in getting back to the retail side of the business. If you are looking to get out of window tinting, or would like to partner on the automotive retail side of the business, let me know. I am considering: San Diego(city or county) Orange County Riverside County Phoenix(and surrounding areas) Thanks
  4. I am looking to outright purchase or invest in an existing window tinting shop in the San Diego area. I do not want to run the daily operations, I simply want to grow a company. Let me know if interested 951-712-9744 Jeff
  5. I am looking to possibly purchase a few retail locations to expand my current business. If you are looking to sell your establish shop, let me know. Maybe we could work a deal if all is right. Thanks