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  1. Premium Shield is a great choice! Contact www.premiumshield.com, Keith and his team will make you an excellent installer ;)
  2. Hi Brett! I've pondered several times switching to Premium Shield, but it's still not the right time for me...
  3. Yes, all films come printed. This printed is required by law, be visible in the windows of cars in some countries like mine, for example. Are you a professional installer?
  4. Hello everyone, Who uses 3M Digital Designs? I have the impression that they stopped making patterns for newer bikes...
  5. We chose not to put any film on the TV so as not to risk damaging it... Thank you all for your help!
  6. Suntek in Europe comes with this laser print ;)
  7. Hello everyone! Thank you all for your help. We are considering testing an anti-grafity film. Let's see if this is a viable option ... Greetings, Farrier
  8. Hi, Yesterday I was approached by a markting company that has an interactive game for children in a Led TV, placed in a shopping mall. The screen is getting damaged with scratches and before it gets worse, he asked us to apply paint protection film. My question is that I will not be able to make the application wet because I am afraid of soaking the TV. I think the application gel might be an alternative, but I do not have any supplier in my country that has available for delivery and I can not wait to get it from outside the country. Will the screen cleaning gel be an option or will it have some component incompatible with the paint protection film? Thanks in advance for helping. Farrier
  9. About the price, I can not help you... However, be careful to carry enough towels to protect the sofas and the entire surrounding area. Be careful with the shoes. The owners do not like that we use the "street shoes". I only work with socks on the boats. I hope I have helped.
  10. Try this: http://www.staples.pt/tubo-para-desenhos-extensível-110-cm/cbs/97146.html?promoCode=&Effort_Code=WW&Find_Number=97146&m=0
  11. By the way, a question: why is it always recommended shampoo J & J and not any other? Because of PH, for being the most famous brand ...? From what I've read, another baby shampoo has the same effect and does not cause damage at work, right?
  12. It seems to me that the glass and the film have not was not properly wet and that it has little lubricant. Make sure you wet the film well when peeling and that you use enough shampoo. By the way, what do you mean when you say Armolan is aggressive? Greetings, Farrier
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