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  1. Back in 1979 in northern Cali I got a job with Trim Line as a driver for a 30 something alcoholic who lost his licence. He was a good worker when he wasnt hung over. All he did was install rivet on body side moldings. I drove him from one dealer to another and also helped him with the jobs and when he lost his job due to his drinking I took over and then added pin striping and graphics to my arsenal. I picked up tinting in the early 80's when I worked at a different trim line shop. Over the years I have done many kinds of jobs but tinting, PPF and auto accessories has always paid the bills. here I am 60 years old and installing ppf and tint 5 days a week for a local Toyota, Nissan,Honda,Chrysler, Jeep, Ram VW dealer. Looks like they will have to pry my heat gun out of my cold dead gnarled hands at the rate Im going.
  2. I was a tinter at that shop a couple years ago. The big money tint was 3m crystalline, Is that what you paid for? There was a steady stream of high end cars coming through all day and well into the night. He can charge 1300 because his clientele has big bucks and he has a good reputation......Well he did anyway. Not sure if its the same owner now.
  3. It depends on how hungry I am If Im slammed I would tell them to have it detailed first and reschedule. If they never came back oh well. If its the only job on the books that day I might try saying something like Ill need your car for x amount of time longer since it needs lots of pre cleaning, its only going to be x amount of $ for the cleaning service. A reasonable person will be happy to pay it. A clueless cheapskate who balks at the extra $ is not a customer I want any. Its almost garUnteed they will be a PIA
  4. I have never done a tractor nor have I ever wanted to for the reason you gave. however here is a partial list of cars I burned many feet of film and much time at my expense until I was "the man" porsche 928 my ego wouldnt let me walk away 3 times on 3 928s 94 saturn waste of film see above c6 a fellow tintdude named blade shared the secret of the c6 its on here somewhere I think 94 cutlass another waste of film new beetle this forum helped me save much time and film the only one that was worth the time and expense for me was the beetle since I ended up tinting quite a few of them
  5. I'm interested in testing it out Thanks! shane_hicks@wilderauto.com
  6. Hey everyone long time no see no post for me. I’m back in the tint/ppf game full time. Old Tinter’s never die they have a lifetime no purple no fade warranty …. Right? Hey that’s what the Manufactures been telling me for years. I have been noticing a light purple tinge around the gills, should I be concerned? NAAAH! They’ll have to just bury me where they find me, probably in the back of a new e-mustang with an orange crush clenched in my arthritic right hand. Is there a support group for Tinter’s 60 and older? There should be , where do I sign up? Ric are you still here? I’m only seeing shadows and shapes. MDog is that you? Blade wher you is son? Stan? You’re old are you still here? Roach! Of course you are still here, you will be around after the zombie apocalypse. good to see you. Any OG members left? It’s good to be back, you youngins I need you to learn me how to do these new fancy type cars, back in my day things was much simpler. Likum an Stickum fellers that’s how we do.
  7. The business name can be changed or removed its a decal. Looking to trade for a street bike with clean title 600cc and above. Sign is in storage in San Diego. Text is ok 36o55o777four
  8. The Honda dealer asked me to tint a 17 civic hatch back that was sitting on the showroom. I gave them the whole " gotta remove the spoiler blah blah blah" They didn't care they just wanted it tinted. I use tint tek at the shop and mobile. To my amazement there's a pattern. That being half the battle, I noticed a new crv in the showroom and I remembered the hatch has a lot of curve at the bottom. So I plotted a civic hatch pattern and left about 2 inches extra filmbeyond the pattern and threw it on the crv and dry shrunk the bottom. The extra 2 inches really helps to lift and pull and allows you to shrink fingers Beyond the cut. I do all back windows that way. For the rest of the shrink I used the civic front windshield since it has a good amount of curve. For good measure I put the pattern on the civic hatch back and dry shrunk the top near the upper spoiler. All that was left to do is pull off the extra film and mount the tint on the side of the car, ( could have used the windshield but they had a heater blowing that direction) peel spray and stick. Don't try this if you aren't comfortable using a laminated windshield to shrink on. I used express boxed 30% QDP I have used a similar method when rear spoilers get in the way. Usually the front windshield of the car you are working on has enough curve.
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