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  1. Have you ever stacked 3 layers of 15mil on top of each other?
  2. I cut a whole lot of film today and after getting the roll in place it only walked a quarter inch to the left. Slow precise cuts. Actually today was of the better cuts. I made some disposable shims. I ordered some awhile ago but they were in back order. I guess I need to fashion my own
  3. You never want to mislead a customer on their safety, however anything can be compromised. If A feel good bead or beauty bead which i like the ladder of the two make the client happier overall then so be it. That doesn’t mean we oversell the products. With that said I was super skeptical about small beads but they do in fact work for the purpose Which is a forced entry deterrent. They are not designed for bomb blast mitigation. If the bead is ran properly and all the steps are taken such as cleaning the frames with alcohol etc. tooling properly than yes it will work as intended.
  4. It’s not a beauty bead bro. That’s a 3/4 inch piece of flexible trim with Dow behind it. There is also tests done with 1/2” beads that do hold long enough. It’s all perspective and subjective. I don’t use absolutes in installations.
  5. FH definitely borderline insane. However if you have everything secure it shouldn’t be a problem. It will be a lifesaving timesaver 15m btw
  6. Here is another residential option. Small bead of 7 or 995 and a flexible rubber insert.
  7. Not a half inch on the frame. About a 1/2 total. Glaziers use extremely small beads to hold curtain walls together etc. we have tested small beads and they absolutely work. Sure it won’t pass BBM however it will help with FE attempts
  8. This is not entirely true. You can get a decent attachment on sliders and the stationary with Dow Corning it clear attachment tape. A 1/2” bead will effectively hold the film and glass in.
  9. There is another option, there is a product I offer and another member as well. You can send me a private message. Or reach me @