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  1. That's about what I've been doing too.. every two weeks eating out. Just tired of eating all my meals at home or in my car if I'm working. Change it up a bit after the past year and a half. Middle monday....
  2. Just went out to Apple Bees for a beer and moz sticks. Nice being out someplace to eat for a change. lol
  3. Yeah.. I haven't noticed anything around here in Jersey/Philly... but like Bham - I try to keep what I need on hand. Which is probably little... still. I know a few months ago I was at Target looking to get bounty towels and they were bone dry. I said to the person at the register - I thought we were done with this stuff?!?!?! I dunno... I think people panic buy, which I don't totally disagree with.. but it just makes shortage issues worse when there really is no need for it.
  4. These were from Thursday. The blackout was to hide... climate control stuff??? Not really sure what it's called.. but it blows air down as people walk thru the doors... I assume to keep the cold or hot air from coming in. The other was a 3M deco film.... ETA: And yes, I would have done the other two panes in blackout to make them match, but I was doing as instructed. So..............
  5. If it happens, it would be in late aug... not sure how freaking hot it will still be down there. Part of me wants it to happen... mainly cause it's been a while since I've been anywhere, plus ya know.. 2020/2020.5
  6. I might have gotten my first inter-state pet sitting gig. lol Friend in FL asked if I could do it... it's dependent on a lot of things going right, so way too soon to say it's a sure thing. But she offered to pay for my flight... I'd just have to pay for food/car or uber or whatever. Never thought I'd ever visit FL again.
  7. Man for a few min I thought it was wednesday. 'morning....
  8. 'evening all... Been a crappy past day or two.. not for any reason. Nothing is going on but ya know.. life. Went over to my mom's this afternoon for a bit to hang out there, and on the way home I met up with another GTI on the road. 4 lane highway.. 2 each direction.. but a local road, so 45 mph speed and lights. We were playing pole position (does that date me?!?!?!) for a bit... then I had to turn off. That was fun. I'm super reserved on local roads, so I wasn't pushing it.. but hey... Old vs new. I held my own. I was hoping he was going to turn onto the freeway, which I didn't plan to take, but would have if he did. It's the little things.....
  9. And here we are again, back and another manic monday. 'morning all.....
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