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  1. Cute pup!! 'evening all.....
  2. Hmmm.... Undecided. You?
  3. Wow.. hopefully it's mild for them both. 🤞 Do they know how they got it? Sorry to hear that.
  4. Shucks. Maybe next time. lol
  5. Thanks. I'm just glad they don't last long.. so yeah, last nite sucked, but I'm fine now.
  6. I use the same soap & laundry detergent that I've used for years... same brand, same scent (unscented). I eat the same foods all the time. I'm incredibly boring. I don't know if I went to the ER during one of these... all but 1 time they happened at nite... have blood taken? I dunno. My doc said as long as it doesn't get to the point where it's causing breathing issues, you basically just ride it out. So as soon as I feel something itch and I see a welt, I start taking benadryl. I'm more concerned that its happening more often. Between first and 2nd time was over a year... now it's like every couple months.
  7. 'morning all.... Broke out in hives again last nite.. This is getting annoying. Not sure if it's related, but puked last nite as well as the time I got them before. At my last doc's visit I told him about them, and he said there isn't really much you can do about it in terms of figuring out whats causing them when they go away within 12 hrs and don't happen often. Anyway... TGIF!!!
  8. 'morning all... I think they said on the news this morning that 25 (?) years ago today the Philly area got hit with a blizzard and we got 27" of snow in a 24 hr period, total of around 31" for that storm. I wish we still got storms like that. Not all the time.. but we use to get like 1 major snowfall each winter. Which was fun for a couple days. Of course, then it gets messy, icy, slushy, etc... and not nearly as much fun being an adult dealing with it as when you're 12. lol
  9. It's NBC's new streaming service. According to that's the only place it's currently being streamed on. It has a 7.1 rating on IMDB - that's pretty good.
  10. They made a series last summer based on the book... It's streaming on peacock from what I can tell. 'morning all.... ETA: One of my sister's chickens laid their first egg. Pretty cool. In so far as that goes. lol