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  1. Middle monday... ugh. Derp.. it's not wednesday. I hate being on lock down.
  2. That makes no sense...
  3. Oh.. also.. I'm watching The Price is Right atm... like.. what are they going to do? Besides the fact they call contestants from the audience, as everyone runs down to the front, they all high-five each other... when they win, everyone high-fives as you go up on the stage... you stand next to Drew, either shake his hand or hug him... Which all that stuff is part of the excitement of being on the show.
  4. None of this makes sense. lol At the local convenience stores - wawa - they stopped selling fountain sodas and coffee... coffee you could get but had to order from the counter. Basically the idea was to not have the public touching, I assume, the coffee pots and soda machine. Which is fine, I get it... went today and it's back to the old way. Like... I dunno. Nothing has really changed - yeah, the numbers are going down, but still. Granted, that was a decision by the chain, not the govt, so they are free to do what they want. It just seems like what was the point of doing it before if they are just going back to the old way already? I dunno.... I went into the pizza shop the other day and I forgot my mask. I thought ugh... I don't want to have to walk back to my car to get it - I was only going in to get a can of soda... I walked in and none of the employees were wearing their masks either. (All the other times I've stopped in they wore them)
  5. Congrats for both you and your parents!! 'evening all.. Got a stupid flat on the way home from my mom's this afternoon... which the spare is already on the car. Ubered to the tire place with the tire I had in my trunk... which it turns out the rim is cracked and leaks air. Got back to my car to put that tire on so I could get home and I couldn't find the wrench to take off the lug nuts. (First time I needed it) Had to call AAA.... I'm done for the day. lol
  6. That's a succinct way to put it.
  7. I wonder what the rates are when the mask is being re-used all the time. Or is a piece of fabric. (ie. just a face covering) I don't know the policy of that store... but I know for me, I keep my mask in my car and I use it over and over and over again. Hospital staff, at least prior to this, don't reuse ppe. But they have larger supplies then most normal people. (I assume, minus shortages caused by the current situation) Does that make a difference in how well masks perform? Totally. Even before this really took hold, I had a cold (perhaps it was corona - who knows) back in Feb... I stayed home for the most part. Didn't go out with friends, didn't go over to see my mom, etc... because even if it was 'just' a cold... who wants to be sick?? Last thing I wanted to do was to give it to someone else and have them deal with it for a week. There is no excuse for anyone who goes to work sick right now.
  8. Saw this yesterday... "Hairstylist with coronavirus worked and exposed 91 people to virus" Now.. she was symptomatic. I can't understand why she would work when she was sick. Granted, she didnt know she had covid19... but with what everyone is dealing with... That being said.. It will be interesting to see if the clients and/or co-workers catch it even though they were wearing masks. If they do.... well... anecdotal or not.. that will show if the masks actually do anything.
  9. She's doing good. I need new front tires... but haven't really been driving much so I've been putting it off. Same with an oil change... but other then those things, it's good.
  10. I would agree with that if they took out everything that wasn't a necessity. But they won't do that. It would cut into their sales too much. If this had happened 10 yrs ago or whenever it was that was prior to the big box stores also having supermarkets in them... then the whole store would be closed. a TV isn't a necessity. Either are clothes. Or 75% of what walmart and the like sell. Interesting times we live in... lol
  11. A gym here in south jersey re-opened today going against the EO from the govn shutting gyms down. The gym owners moved all the equipment to be further apart, doing temp checks on members as they enter the gym, etc. Basically following the CDCs guidelines. Govn said it would be up to the township to enforce his EO... the local police came by and basically just did crowd control. We'll see what happens tomorrow. The gym owners are taking like 3x as many precautions as places like walmart and target are doing. Which if people can go in those stores and shop... why can't they go into other places? I'd guess if courts were actually opened, govns would be challenged on their shut-down orders. But since they aren't being challenged, they are given free reign to call the shots as they see fit. I'm not saying they are making all the wrong calls... I just think there is too much that isn't known about the virus and a lot of actions being taken aren't backed by science, simply because the science isn't there either way. It's too new. Anyway...