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  1. I had the He-Man stuff... no beer though. Now I have Corona but no He-Man stuff.
  2. 'morning all.... Our temps dropped too... low 40s today from the upper 60s and sunny the past several days.
  3. 'afternoon all... Glad you're safe Bham!
  4. 'afternoon all... Been raining here much of the day after a couple nice and sunny days. We might hit 80° on friday!
  5. 'evening all... Yeah, that vid was spot on @TintDude I could understand if they were protecting their nest or something... but I know where I was wasn't a spot for that. Crazy birds.
  6. Went for a walk today... was out for line an hour. Longer then I thought I would be out, but it's super nice. Had a goose, angrily come after me. They are vicious. Which I knew... he was just following me honking. Get to my stop.. turn around to come back, and this time he seems me approaching and flies towards me. As soon as I see that, I take my backpack off and get ready to swat him. I'm so anti-violence against animals... but I also didn't feel like letting him attack me. lol We parted ways w/o issue..