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  1. Got it. Thanks.... Hadn't logged in yet this morning. Appreciate the heads up.
  2. You have no idea how tempting that would be... aside from still having to tint. The biggest reason for still being where I am is my family.. My mom, sister, nieces... BIL to some extent. lol I've never been further then 30 min away from them... which I know I wouldn't die to not be in jersey... but I like being able to visit them. (even though with covid those visits have been drastically reduced) I just need to move where I live... change things up. Which I know won't last long, cause there is an underlying reason why I'm... antsy about being here. Anyway... First day it hasn't been 115° in three weeks. Feels great, even though it's raining. Hopefully Aug is no where near as hot as July has been.
  3. Just tired of being here.... wanna be someplace new. 'morning all...
  4. Yes. At least in terms of spread. At least here, with the numbers that are being reported in Jersey.... they don't add up to the facts. So I think it's a lot worse then being told. But... I don't think it's worse in terms of deaths.... which I don't mean to sound flip about anyone dying. It sucks hands down bar none. But it's also the way life is.
  5. I don't have any problem putting on my mask. Does it help? I dunno... but I don't mind doing it. I've done jobs wearing it... and it's has sucked. Of course, it's been stupidly hot, which doesn't help.... but I'll do it to make customers feel better. If I did cars would I wear it? No... I still kindof sorta do the office cleaning for my friend... and I don't wear it while doing that. No one is there.. so I don't see the need. Plus, I think this is much much worse then is being presented. So it's whatever. Would I wear a shield? Probably not... I think those in control saying we have to wear masks is probably about as much as they can do - I don't see them being able to mandate shields. But who knows.... We are living in crazy times.
  6. That's a fair point. But if someone isn't in the spotlight prior for anything, I can kindof see why that happens. I have no idea if anything anyone says is true. It could be... or it could just be junk. Time is the greatest determining factor I guess.... once this all plays out we'll see what was correct and what wasn't.
  7. I did not watch that video, going by the title in your screenshot. But, Philip Defranco talked about it today on his show. (Youtube him - Philip Defranco) I don't care enough to check anything tbh, but PD is pretty neutral in his reporting of stuff and fact checks stories much better then the networks. I kindof side with his report of it.
  8. Over a decade in the works.... did it today. No after shots - it was hot as balls and I had no energy to go inside to snap pics. But we used HanitiaTek (sp?) DR 10 grey external.
  9. I think today has been a monday as well.......
  10. Price. Although it's been a while since I've bought them.... so maybe that wouldn't be an issue as much anymore. I'll have to check them out next time I go to the store.