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  1. No problem. It was just a picture of a finger in a window...was going to send it to a contractor to just show them what kind of stuff won't just go away. lol I'm sure it's on my pc somewhere.... just who knows where. Been searching but I can't find it. It's probably named something super non-descript.
  2. @TintDude Hey Ric... was looking for a picture that I had posted in a thread a long time ago... when thru my 'attachments' under my profile, but I didn't see it. At some point did we loose super old stuff like that? Not a biggie... just couldn't find it on my computer... figured I would grab it from here, but it's gone.
  3. I'd love to get into playing flight sims..... wish I had more time and/or drive to do it. Just to learn something from the ground up as complicated as flying... not exactly like COD or CS. lol
  4. My 'helper' from a job the other day... suffice to say, he was super unmotivated.
  5. Did a bunch of these yesturday...
  6. Congrats @no ma'am!! 'evening all......
  7. That was insane. I don't watch races... but since it was in the news I checked out YT to see it. I know they all race super close to each other - I'm kindof surprised there aren't more accidents. Hopefully he'll be ok.