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  1. Terribly arranged pics... but this was from yesterday... Left pane was replaced and needed to be retinted. 25% vlt. I know it's nothing special.. but I haven't been working much, so... lol
  2. You can use imgur and then use the link to post here on the forum.
  3. That's fine. Just wasn't sure if I was loosing it... more so then normal.
  4. TD - did you move the 'new members' section?
  5. 'morning all... Got rain yesterday... turned to snow for a short bit this morning. Still above freezing though, so our roads, fortunately, aren't bad.
  6. That's true. I need to practice more with PS films... I just don't generally use them unless I'm doing a job for someone else, and I'm not about to waste their film just for practicing.
  7. Sometimes I wish I was just like 2" taller and another 2-3" on my wingspan.
  8. So I had this window to tint today. The window was 69" x 90" (W/H). I'm about 5'7"... not sure what my wingspan is... but... The film being used was a 25% film that had PS adhesive.. Wasn't my job - films I use are CDA... So this wouldn't be as big of an issue if I was using a different film. Anyway... My first thought was to put it on the window next to the one that I needed to tint... remove liner... flip it over. That would probably work fine, except my gorilla platform was the only one I had, which even if I had another, I'm not sure how I could pivot the piece of film from the one window to the other without breaking my neck, which while I like tinting, I'm not going to risk injury to do so. I got it done.. how I normally do large panes like this that are PS.... I put the piece on the floor.. .removed the liner, sprayed it down... picked it up and put it on the window. Which I know is super unprofessional... or whatever.... but it came out clean... and I got it done. I don't have this situation come up often... but when I do - I just wonder if there is a better way to do it (With a PS film) or should I just do what works for *me* and not care. If it was coming out with dust and creases... yeah... I'd stop doing it how I do it... but honestly, when I do it like that, it comes out clean. I was tempted to reverse-roll it... but it wasn't my film and I didn't feel like chancing something that might end up wasting a large piece of film. The PS wasn't horribly aggressive, but more then a CDA film.
  9. That's true too. I use sunglasses... I have a clear shield. And I dunno... maybe having a tinted shield would be problematic at nite... I've never had one so I dunno. The one I decided to get has both a clear shield and then a tinted shield you can lower when needed. Best of both worlds, IMO.
  10. I agree, but you know what's weird? And this is by no means much of anything... but there was a helmet I wanted to get... and I couldn't find a tinted shield for it. I decided to go with another helmet... not solely because of that, but that was a factor. Granted.... maybe if I searched more I could have found something..... I dunno.... Helmets, for me, are very individualized.... it's not always as easy as saying - just pick something else. The fit... the look.. I have no doubt there are people who don't care much and will pick whatever... but there were reasons I was interested in this one helmet. Like I said... there are others, so I picked another.... but still.
  11. I love those too. Haven't ever been in one - but they are pretty nice. 'afternoon all.....
  12. 19 yrs ago at the start of my tinting career.... I got a job working with a tint shop with 2 of my friends... well... we were like 20 or whatever. And we played computer games. (Counter-strike) Here.. there.. where ever... other friendships were made. A few have lasted all this time. So I'm talking with one of the guys just now... and we don't game anymore... but we are talking about dinner recipes. I hate being old.
  13. Spent the day up in NYC meeting a bunch of online friends for the first time. Pretty cool... no one ended up being a serial killer, at least not until I left. I'll have to wait to hear from the others to see if everyone is ok. lol Just about froze my butt off though... still haven't gotten use to the winters in NJ/NY for some reason. 'evening all.....
  14. I pull the liner off films, such a white-frost, while it's laying on the floor. Which I know I should loose my tinter's card for doing it like that.... but it works. Comes out clean... (larger pieces)
  15. Added a bookmark to my home screen on my phone. A little piece of my heart died. :( :Lol