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  1. Yeah I usually will take them off when I'm on any type of ladder.... but, if you're careful, it should be fine. Until that one time it's not.
  2. Wow! What an awesome house and views!
  3. Installed Gila frost to a couple sets of doors... customer supplied film. Came out good for the film used.
  4. With regards to flat glass film, I've seen it from time to time. Not often... but it happens. Can't say that's what this is - but the possibility is there.
  5. Installed safety film to the closet doors...
  6. Horrible install. *If* it were weld splatter.... then the side windows should be perfect. Given they aren't even close... bad install.
  7. And then post here cause although I'm not a 3M dealer, I'm curious as well.
  8. Totally agree... there needs to be *some* justification for whatever price is charged. But.. that is such a wide range of things.... And if you are going to charge that much, you dang well better honor that job if there are issues that need to be addressed afterwards.
  9. Keep in mind different cars have different levels of difficulty. I'm not saying the $1300 is justified for that car, but there is a huge difference between tinting some cars then others. So to just have a flat rate of $250 for a 4 door sedan isn't exactly fair on the installation side of things either.
  10. Could not agree more. Glare is a direct cause of light. Anything lighter then a 25% and glare isn't going to be touched. imo. Which then leads to #3 - internal glare at night. Anything on glass will generally increase the reflectivity. Some films more then others. Look for something in the 20-25% vlt range with the least internal ref. rate. Unfortunately, the darker to go, the more reflective films tend to be. It's all a balancing act. Ask to see samples.. Look at the samples both during the day and at night. In reality, how often are you looking out your windows at night for views?
  11. These were from Thursday. The blackout was to hide... climate control stuff??? Not really sure what it's called.. but it blows air down as people walk thru the doors... I assume to keep the cold or hot air from coming in. The other was a 3M deco film.... ETA: And yes, I would have done the other two panes in blackout to make them match, but I was doing as instructed. So..............
  12. I have a lot of thoughts, mostly about nothing that has to do with the job itself, so I'll keep those to myself. I'll let others comment on the job, but imo, it's pretty bad. To make it easier for people to want to help you..... https://ibb.co/mDmXvCm https://ibb.co/B6cGTBX https://ibb.co/3mGhk9X https://ibb.co/fXM4n7f https://ibb.co/mvYRJh7 https://ibb.co/sgS2NNk https://ibb.co/mSSBfLv https://ibb.co/wLg5NLB https://ibb.co/nQRLFcw https://ibb.co/ZNqJ5S1 https://ibb.co/DfGyXVf
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