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  1. I haven't used the CORE software yet myself, but my understanding is its essentially a new delivery system for their patterns, it is a suntek software. I do recall reading somewhere they were going to go back and update older patterns, however uncertain to how valid that is! I believe it was intended to create more workflow as you can use an app on your phone to locate patterns/quote customers. If you are checking out new software, definitely take a look at filmwraps! Newer software, Monthly access, quality over quantity patterns. They dont have a full database just yet, but the patterns that are presently in there fit great and are well designed!
  2. Majority of STEK users are using Filmwraps as their software. Feel free to Check out and reach out to the guys there and they could get you rolling with a trial of the software!
  3. Most pattern software should have an edge wrap "function", whether within the software or pre-wrapped patterns, Filmwraps, Trucut, Computercut, DAP, Film Vinyl designs, 3M, Most Companies will give you a trial package to see how you like the functionality and patterns, I Highly suggest trying each software and finding the software that best suits your needs! (and wants!)