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  1. Yea that would be correct. In a dealership setting everyone gets a piece of the pie that sold the product with the purchase of the vehicle. So it really lowers how much comes to my end and how much they can give me based off of the income of the job. At least that flat rate doesn't include the wash/decon process but still even when things are going speedy it's cutting it close on making up time.
  2. For me I get $21 per hour x flatrate job. So $21x6hrs for a full package. That includes a Fullhood,Fenders,Mirrors,Doorcups,Rear bumper deck, and mostly full bumper coverage (if the pattern is there for bumper accessories I install it). This is also with Wrap tabs for hood and fenders.
  3. I'm trying to ask around and see the best pay structure for a PPF installer. I am currently an installer for a group of dealerships and feel like I am being underpaid, or at least not making nearly as much as some of the others I have heard. It's not uncommon from what I know that a good handful of installers average around 100k a year, is this true? I get paid flat rate and receive 6hrs for a extended hood/fenders protection etc, and 4hrs for a half. I am fairly quick and can produce some good work but from asking around is seems low, one place even said some Full Packages (extended front) get up to 12hr depending on the vehicle. What else is everybody out there making? Or any ideas of a better pay structure I could present to management? Appreciated!!
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