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  1. looks like water still on the inside weatherstrip and pressed up against the glass? got an inside pic?
  2. Maybe a picture of a hawk or falcon taped to the window instead of bags will deter the robin. Or he might invite more friends, lol
  3. this happened to my wife and i in the hospital. A cardinal would wake us up every morning running itself into the window repeatedly. They see their reflection and think it is another bird trying to take over its "terrritory". He is trying to scare the other bird away.
  4. I would say 90% of those clips break or have already been broke on those cars. I always test the interior handles to make sure they are not already loose before I remove panel. Like Alberts316 said, you can use a zip tie to hold it back up to the handle. I actually have drilled two small holes in the plastic on the handle to run 2 zip ties through in an X pattern to keep it close.
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