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  1. Can you have any worse experience getting your car tinted?
  2. Envy at it's finest. Impeccable place of business. That real estate would be over 2m here in CO. You did awesome on the building!
  3. that was my guess but I've never chipped glass like that
  4. The chips in the side of the glass are strange and how could that be the tinter?
  5. He's about as legit detailer as they come. Extremely friendly and helpful as well. Great guy all around
  6. No issue installing it, good chance of it leaving some sort or mark when removed.
  7. I would spend the extra on a graphtec. They just seem to be more accurate with feeding and the pinch rollers. GCC is a great starter. I would try to get a 60" but 40" will do also
  8. computercut has a fair amount of commercial trucks
  9. Needs redone for sure. Horrible install
  10. Stan taught me in Oct 2002 and I wouldn't recommend anyone else.
  11. I hate the taste on my squeegees. Did you use the Speed Wax tack with the hi tack or did you just hijack this thread?
  12. This needs to be on it's own thread. I'd like Norm and some of the other ppf guys to try this product. Contact Speed for a sample! This is my review I copied from the other thread. Speed Films sent me some of his tack solution and I must say it's a game changer IMO. I have used it on mirrors, headlights, superduty hoods multiple times now, edges for wrapping and a freshly resprayed bumper edge. It is NOT Probond! Far less aggressive, yet still helps out tremendously when you need a little bite on a stretch. I'm not a chemist and didn't ask about what's in it, but I know it works for ppf. I sprayed about a dime sized amount on a microfiber and wiped the areas generously, then wiped it clean with another mf towel. It comes out kinda hazy looking but wipes off without issue. Came off super easy with the mf towel on the black plastic around the mirror that I managed to touch. This stuff works well in tight corners where the film has a hard time adhering. I did a wrapped edge on a respray bumper for one of my body shop accts and wanted to see if it would peel paint like probond. Negative, it came off the edge with no issue. You can actually peel the film back after tacking without leaving a stretch mark. The superduty letters lay down on the first pass of your finger and saved me about 5 min a hood. Time is money, and I feel this is a product that saves me time. I have complimented Speed on his product and encourage anyone who's doing ppf try it out.
  13. You're asking for emails and you have not introduced yourself or your product you're pushing! That is how spamming works. We've been spammed by more than a few companies on this forum. How about just coming out in the open and not asking for emails?