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  1. There are already some CORE patterns in trucut, 2020 4Runner pro and a ton of new porsche patterns.
  2. The issue would be cutting the security film on a plotter, not the software. Get yourself a filmhandler if you don't have one
  3. No shaking around here for sure. I have just been doing a thumbs up instead of hand shaking. Now it's more of do I mask up or are they ok with just distancing. I wear the mask in and see what the vibe is, but every house has been different for sure.
  4. I'll help Mike! Yes cleaning the bugs off is a bit easier, not tons. That bumper isn't too bad to do, but it might be a challenge if you don't do ppf often. If you're interested I will send you a kit for your car in suntek ultra(cost plus shipping). Maybe Jeff from Xpel could help you out on some product too. Let me know and I'd be glad to help!
  5. get an angled scraper so you can keep leverage on the glass, done it many times. Take a scrub pad and tape it to the pole to help remove any residue
  6. That is the bumper itself. I've had numerous clients say "it came done from the factory" and I show them it's just a line in the bumper and not ppf. It's on a majority of cars
  7. Chief steamers are super nice, but far from cheap like the Jiffy or wagner
  8. Norm, I thought you sold and retired? Missed your input on this forum the last few years.
  9. same as iso, about 10-15% then the rest distilled water.
  10. white vinegar is working just fine. Smells like vinegar, works like iso 70. Been using it for over a week now, and no issues
  11. sign warehouse or your film distributor may have a deal going on them.
  12. Quality of materials used, maybe heavier duty I guess? Honestly the Jaguars are really decent starter plotters. I think if it's running all day everyday, then a graphtec could be considered. I've got numerous buddies using the Jaguar with no issues.
  13. for the entry level, Jaguar and vinyl express are your best options. Both will do what you need.
  14. And like usual here's Tom to poo poo all over ppf. Go Tom go