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  1. Used Jiffy off ebay. I bought one when I started for under $80 and it lasted at least 7 years before I upgraded
  2. VERY WELL DONE! Thank you for showing the seam in the bumper sensor. It's a testament to your quality of work!
  3. Pics? You're post is kinda vague about what is happening to the mirrors? You put matte ppf over matte paint?
  4. Well I think he shut it down 9 years ago.
  5. YES, I have done this twice! I did matte suntek on some marble counter tops and some granite also. Did it in '17 and it seems to hold up fine. Understand though this is in a aspen vacation home that sees less use than most. Everyday use could be different. I only did this because they had their yacht done and claimed it really worked.
  6. Holy cow do I need to raise my prices...
  7. Are you sure? The amount of orange peel in the paint made me think it had rocker guard on it. If that panel was flat and had that much orange peel, I'd be more concerned about that then the ppf IMO
  8. Another record year here. PPF up 22% over last year. Flat glass has been going up as well. Just waiting on the next economic downturn.
  9. Those will NOT go away. Gonna need a slight trimming or re done prolly
  10. I didn't know graphtec offered a 72". What model is it Tom? I maybe interested if you're interested in selling it.
  11. Yes I did rockers as well and the orange peel looked like mid 2000's 3M. I was using a sample roll, I'll ask for another sample, but I wasn't keen on the finish. Good thick product for certain spots for sure.