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  1. Where are you located? PPF is huge in CO but not so much in Texas. Location, location, lotcation. Why not go after the customer instead of the dealerships?
  2. I emailed him a few times and nothing. Tell him to post one on here when he's ready.
  3. Alright I bought both. Just got them. I will say these are the best aprons available. I liked certain things about shady's but Mike has done a great job designing them. I plan on using the little one for ppf and the large one for auto. If you're on the fence about a $130 apron, I've had my shady one for 9 years and it's still ok shape, I expect this one to last just as long if not longer due to the material used. Another cool thing that isn't advertised is the loop sewn into the belt for hanging water bottles off of. Thanks for the lead Midtown!!!
  4. I'll give one of these a try. Almost three times the cost of shadys, but looks like good quality.
  5. Not sure what up with the site today...Midtown your boy Mike doesn't even have a working website 🤣 How am I supposed to know what these things look like inside the pouch or price? C'mon Mike it's 2020 get it together!
  6. I've tried and tried to get in touch with Shady and I think he's fully retired. His aprons were top notch and I need another one!
  7. Both, they have wrapped and not wrapped versions of most of the new cars
  8. Good work for not doing it all the time. Xpel will sell by the foot if you call them.
  9. Used Jiffy off ebay. I bought one when I started for under $80 and it lasted at least 7 years before I upgraded
  10. VERY WELL DONE! Thank you for showing the seam in the bumper sensor. It's a testament to your quality of work!
  11. Pics? You're post is kinda vague about what is happening to the mirrors? You put matte ppf over matte paint?
  12. Well I think he shut it down 9 years ago.