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  1. Got high at work and layed about 1900sqft on this house
  2. my one complaint is you can't cut multiple car patterns at the same time. I can on computercut.
  3. you can put a zip tie on that and it will work again. Had the same issue on a 86 civic last week.
  4. Those are two completely different things to train on. Vinyl is a dry application and ppf is wet. Xpel for ppf training and pick one of the hundred for vinyl
  5. I have had a few issues with the new GMs. CHARGE THE BATTERY! Service guy says that these are the absolute worst on needing a battery to be fully charged for everything to function properly. This is most likely your issue.
  6. 3 hours?? Sounds like a bit of a stretch if you did grill surround, bumper, headlights along with hood fenders and tint all around. Granted super easy truck to work on but c'mon 3 hours
  7. Can you have any worse experience getting your car tinted?
  8. Envy at it's finest. Impeccable place of business. That real estate would be over 2m here in CO. You did awesome on the building!
  9. that was my guess but I've never chipped glass like that
  10. The chips in the side of the glass are strange and how could that be the tinter?
  11. He's about as legit detailer as they come. Extremely friendly and helpful as well. Great guy all around
  12. No issue installing it, good chance of it leaving some sort or mark when removed.
  13. I would spend the extra on a graphtec. They just seem to be more accurate with feeding and the pinch rollers. GCC is a great starter. I would try to get a 60" but 40" will do also
  14. computercut has a fair amount of commercial trucks
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