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06 eclipse

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From the pics I've seen, it looks as if the monster back glass the older ones had is gone.  As far as if the door panels "need" to come off.....that just depends on what type of installer you are....meaning if you tuck or pull.


I use a putty knife and tuck it in...think ill be ok?

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I was looking at one in traffic yesterday, backglass looks on par with a 350z pretty easy :bingo the only thing is there is a extra wing window in front of the rollups, it LOOKS like a real easy one to tint.

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this whole car is a piece of cake. the only thing is they have a pretty good section of matrix on the back glass. I just paint it and get rid of any hassles. The doors and wings are easy as pie but those little 1/4 glass are really a pain to go to .

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