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  2. whats funny is the sheriffs office i worked at would get 3 new units a year. they had me tinting the front 2 doors on them when they came in lol. so i have been tinting at least 3 jobs a year lol. the sallyport made a bad ass tint shop.
  3. Guys, its been 8 years since i hung up my pouch and became a cop. I sure do miss slanging papas. This job has killed me inside. 😦😦😦
  4. Mdog

    Tint Papers

    Hey bois. Whats up? I am still alive and i havent killed anybody yet 😂
  5. Mdog

    Tint Papers

    Just checking in. Still alive and kicking lol
  6. No its just me td lololol
  7. Playing ps4 hit the shaqweasil up on ps4.
  8. long time no see guys!
  9. whut up fool? lol