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  1. omg...the good old days.
  2. wellll yall doin?
  3. Mdog


  4. whats funny is the sheriffs office i worked at would get 3 new units a year. they had me tinting the front 2 doors on them when they came in lol. so i have been tinting at least 3 jobs a year lol. the sallyport made a bad ass tint shop.
  5. hey hoes whats up? lol
  6. Yo boys. Long time no see!
  7. Guys, its been 8 years since i hung up my pouch and became a cop. I sure do miss slanging papas. This job has killed me inside. 😦😦😦
  8. Mdog

    Tint Papers

    Hey bois. Whats up? I am still alive and i havent killed anybody yet 😂
  9. Mdog

    Tint Papers

    Just checking in. Still alive and kicking lol
  10. No its just me td lololol
  11. Playing ps4 hit the shaqweasil up on ps4.