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OK, first of all, does it have to be tint related to be posted in here?  I'll wait for responses before I annouce what it is I intend to sell.


You are an established member :lol

I do not see why not :lol2 If you still want to make double or triple sure PM TD :bingo

PM me with what you are selling so I can get first dibs :lol

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It's a 4-wheeler, very rare, very hard to find and EXTREMELY fast. NOTHING factory will outrun this bike (so I'm told, I don't ride it hard enough to find out).

I'll give more details when I figure out if I can list it here or not. I don't think I'll have any problems selling it locally, just thought I'd give you guys first shot at it. I ride, but not with the skill level required for a machine like this!

120 MPH in dirt is NOT for me!

Let me know what to do!

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The pictures are on the computer at work, but I'll bring them home tomorrow so I can post them. They don't even have pictures of this bike on the Polaris website! The Troy Lee Design is the nicest bike on their site and this bike will run circles around thr Troy Lee.

It is a 2005 Polaris Predator Limited Edition. Solid white without a scratch on it anywhere! Looks better than it did when I bought it.

The stock Predator will 108 in the dirt (confirmed), the LE has White Brothers design exhaust, external reservoir Fox shocks (front & back), titanium valves, Maxxis Racing Radials, Douglas Aluminum wheels, way, WAY too much stuff for me to list right now. The stock Predator has around 52 HP, this bike has over 60 HP, that's why we extimate 120+ in the dirt

I bought the bike brand new in late May, I've rode it maybe 15 hours. The last time I rode it was Fathers Day weekend. I was doing somewhere around 60 or 70 MPH, shifted into 4th gear (it also has a 5 spped ratchet transmission) and the front end came about 18" off the ground. I slowed down, put the bike on the trailer and I haven't rode it since. It scares the living **** out of me!

I went from a Yamaha 350 Big Bear to this bike... BIG MISTAKE!!! Going from slow 4-wheel drive to a fully custom race bike is NOT a good idea.

I WILL NOT sell this bike to an amateur rider, I couldn't live with myself if someone got hurt.

The only thing not stock on the bike are the nerf bars and k!ll switch (or idiot switch as we like to call it). I had them installed at Polaris before I took delivery of the bike. I'll also throw in a XL black custom helmet to anyone interrested.

The check I wrote was $8,007.09 I'll take $7,000 cash. This bike is ready for any race circuit in the country and will out perform almost any bike around, even those that are drastically modified!

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