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  1. Here in the sf bay area shit has stopped. im still remaining open but phone is dead, have a few walk ins, shits can be worse than 9/11 if this goes on for longer than 3 months. keep your head up guys.
  2. Any guys on here actually using this on cars and if so how long does it really to take to reset to a lighter color? Sorry i havent been on here for a while 👀
  3. true at least they intregrated the purple in there in advance
  4. I like the shirt. Is the contest over now?
  5. its aiiggghtt im in silicon valley so its a common car out here.
  6. saw this at a vacant building here in mountain view, its like a canvas everything is hand painted. Pretty cool. You all should come to silicon valley, the rent is cheap!
  7. I got a bunch of 20" x 100 ft rolls i can sell for $50 each. Its an off brand name film i used for dealerships. Its a great film, its the same film express sells i think they call it true grey. let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks 05% 20% 35% 50% 70% got about 50 rolls give or take.
  8. i dont get it, what kind of conv was it? who owns in AZ anyway
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