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  1. TINT


    Anyone drink MEZCAL?
  2. TINT


    I like the shirt. Is the contest over now?
  3. its aiiggghtt im in silicon valley so its a common car out here.
  4. saw this at a vacant building here in mountain view, its like a canvas everything is hand painted. Pretty cool. You all should come to silicon valley, the rent is cheap!
  5. I got a bunch of 20" x 100 ft rolls i can sell for $50 each. Its an off brand name film i used for dealerships. Its a great film, its the same film express sells i think they call it true grey. let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks 05% 20% 35% 50% 70% got about 50 rolls give or take.
  6. i dont get it, what kind of conv was it? who owns in AZ anyway
  7. I also have this film and get it to anyone who needs it. in 60" 40" 20"
  8. Everything that comes i shrink. I dont care if no fingers pop up or not before, i shrink them anyway, fack dealing with fingers popping up and getting contamination
  9. Tesla Model X 35% Ceramic All Around
  10. MERCEDES G63 2018 and 2019 Is it the same thing or are they different? Im looking at xpel suntek are they show no kits or limited kits. Thanks!