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Illinois and their tinting laws

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Guest accurate

No they haven't changed any law.There is just so many hack shop's that don't care about it in the first place.I hear it everyday............"No sir it is !llegal to tint them.But so and so said they will do them"...........I tell ya it's a no win............ :DD

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the law...625 ILCS 5/12-503 from Ch. 95 1/2 par. 12-503 sec. 12-503

the the law in regards to window tint says...no person shall drive with any sign, poster, window application, reflective material, nonreflective material or tinted film on the front windshield or front windows adjacent to each side of the driver...

it goes on to say that you can have a windshield strip, the law doesn't apply to the rest of the windows...the law doesn't state anywhere that the tint cannot be installed however, so legally an individual or shop can apply the window tint to the windows it is just !llegal for anyone to operate the vehicle on illinois roads...some laws of certains states actually says it is !llegal to install also, Illinois is not one of those states however...

We tried to not tint the fronts for years, but we talked to the state police and local police, a lawyer, and several other pros in the legal biz, and they said it WAS NOT !llegal for us to install or sell the installation of front window film. They just said for our own safety to inform the customer of the law and have them sign a form that says that we explained the law to them and gave them a copy of the law as well.

We had to do something...the competetion was kicking our butts just on the fact of they would tint the fronts and we wouldn't...

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