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Wassup everyone. I been practicing tinting on a few cars (mine and my family's) for about 2 months now and I feel like I've improved a lot since I first started. I do get these tiny bubbles around the edges sometimes. Can anyone give me any tips on how I can mitigate or eliminate these? (Ik its likely contamination but what can I do to improve my installation?) 



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It's important to prepare well, like taping felt to prevent the little particles from bleeding out, making sure to thoroughly clean the glass and sides, anywhere the film may touch.

Also make sure the bottom flap is out of the way so that you can place the film with minimal manipulation. The more you have to move the film around to get it into position, the more chance you have of creasing it and or getting contamination.

Also, make sure you touch the film adhesive side as little as possible. Having the glass ready so that you can handle the film well, without touching anything but the glass and not letting the film flop around or having to force it in somewhere.

Another thing is that if there is any shrinking that needs to be done, do it before installing, as every time a finger pops up it brings a bit of dirt under with it.

Work in a clean shop, mist the air around your work area right before pulling the liner also mitigates some of the airborne dust etc.

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^^^ great list of good habits.


If your working on cars with rubber gaskets, roll down the windows first and spray them with SprayAway glass cleaner. Use a triangle card of some kind wrapped with a microfiber towel to scrub the dirt out and give it a couple squirts of water to flush it. Use the towel and triangle again when you're prepping the glass.


Don't forget to scrub the top edge of the glass.

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Technique is everything.

Your side window preparation should go something like this:

Spray the glass with soap solution.

Razor blade the window to loosen contaminants.

Spray the glass again.

Scrub the window with a scouring sponge.

Spray the glass again.


Carefully squeegee the soapy water off the window in a pattern that zig zags sending the contaminated water downwards and overlaps by an inch to ensure correct coverage, and make sure your squeegee blade is leaning forwards at an angle so you don't leave a trail behind.

Flush the vertical sides and bottom of the window to expel any residual dirty water.


If you do this EXACTLY AS I SAY you will reduce the risk of getting crap under the film by 98%

You can thank me later.


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Push out all the air you can then… Heat up area with heat gun and use a hard card to press them down while everything is still fresh… don’t over heat


prep work is key… you can also use masking tape on the gaskets and carefully peel the tape out once you have all the fingers out

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Never overlook the condition of the floor.


Back when I did install, I used to mist the floor between the vehicle and the peel board.


This is done between misting the window and walking toward the peel board to mist the pattern liner, peel liner and spray adhesive for install.


Tacks any dust for the duration of each pattern install, so repeat each time a pattern is going to be installed.

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