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I'm looking into buying an older project vehicle (Jeep CJ7). There obviously will not be anything available locally to me so I've been looking online (ebay, craigslist, etc.). My question is if anyone on the board has made such an online purchase; and if so would one have any advice on how to delve into the process and come away with a fair buy instead of getting completely rear-ended. :lol6

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Figure what type of delivery/shipping method they offer. Look to spend about $300-$500 for freight delivery and it will be delivered to the closest rail staion, then it is up to you to get it home. If it runs good u could always fly one way and drive back. I believe Ebay has some sort of buyer's insurance at an extra cost.

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There are some drive-away services, or having it trucked to you are auto shipping places.

Cost depends on how quick you want it to you, or if you are willing to wait for a full load.

Some will drop off at your house, others will require you to pick up your vehicle at their facility.

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