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  1. All our other techs use the cornies, but they're too heavy for my busted up wrists and elbows, so I still use the super-legacy 3 gal teardrop shaped tank (we call it Old Yella'). Found a new pump for it years ago, but those nozzles (PN GT094) are long gone. It's a shame – the big handle style triggers accidentally spray like mad.
  2. What tends to piss me off is that the films that curl once the sun swings around tend to be the ones where X-100 isn't approved, so the next official recommendation is "use less slip". Durrr.. What might work better is if the manufacturer would more adequately address what is undoubtedly a known issue so companies that install their products don't end up looking like idiots on the job. I'm curious though: you say there are reasons films curl. What are they?
  3. V51 is part of the Vista Harmony series, a sort of hybrid ceramic/metalaized product. I'm not sure I've ever installed it personally. Tom is correct about the edge seal requirement for corrosion reasons. Unfortunately, any film that this is recommended for, X-100 is prohibited for use for the exact same reason (corrosion).
  4. I agree you have to pick and choose what you want, function vs form, etc. I also agree that exterior products will obviously break down more quickly. The $400 for llumar exterior application could however be a case of a company trying to move out some dead stock, and if it is in fact NHE35, I would consider it if cutting heat were the most important thing.
  5. Trying to find something like what these folks below are using. I like these frames and gaskets as they provide some of the challenges in proper trimming and corner work needed. Are these units custom made, or would a glass/window manufacturer have something fairly readily available? Thanks all!
  6. That's funny, I was just shopping U-channels for box cutting online! We've got a couple of film handlers, but find ourselves in plenty of situations where box cutting ends up being the more (seemingly) practical method. Lol I've done some pretty goofy things to keep an olfa from bending during pulls over the years, but never put much thought into other blades (aside from the larger olfas). Thanks!
  7. This is interesting. Could you give a bit more detail on that? Do you just punch it through the box like you would an ofla?
  8. Someone on this forum had mentioned corrugated plastic sheets at some point. Wanting something lightweight and transportable, I went off of that idea and created what is below. I scored the sheet on the front and used gorilla tape on the back to make hinges so it is foldable, and use velcro to attach it to a ladder.
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