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'11 Camry Rear Quarters


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So I have another one of these to do tonight and am looking for some advice on the rear quarters..

First off, are you guys tucking the film behind the gasket on them? I am having a hard time getting the back corner on the bottom edge to tuck in there properly due to how tight it is.

If you are not tucking it or even if you are I guess, how are you cutting both the top triangle and the bottom triangle so that the tint does not want to lift off the glass in the corner? The bottom is the one I am more concerned with.

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Do I just leave the top a point where the vertical and slanted edge meet? Yeah that back edge really pissed me off when I was doing the one yesterday. That damn corner would not lay well and you can't really get in there with anything but a gold corner tool and even that wasn't working to my advantage.

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Yea, i keep it true to form. Sometimes ill do a lil micro bump so I get a lil extra in the bottom. THe seal is so loose its not and issue. I dont even thing the ez reach gold has enough ass to it to do anything. I make my corner cars out of whhite hard cars, cut in an angle, then sand the one rough edge off of it.

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Guest JustinP

go around with a conqueror or hard card wrapped in a towel and that will open all sides up. I slide it in as much as possible and then take a conqueror and pop that corner open and slide it in there nice and tight. takes some getting used to but once you do it is cake!

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