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Guest FatCityJim

I use a Panther Ultra Pro 24" cutter for everything in my shop. I use it to cut PPF that is 15 mils thick and also 8 mils thick with a 60 degree blade and cut vinyl and tint with a 45 degree blade. I dont regularly cut tint since I dont do tinting here but I have a friend that has been tinting for awhile and I have cut some flames for him a couple times and also someones name in script. It took a little fooling around to get the settings right but once it was dialed in it cut without a problem.

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Guest solarguy

The DGI plotter (Digital Graphics Imaging) plotter cut tint and vinyl extremely well. And it will handle a 60" roll of tint. I use the 30 degree blade on both vinyl and tint.

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