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  1. started doing the whole back window in 1 piece for people williing to pay . I thought there would be cracking problem with it being 15% ceramic ,double pane,it has a factory tint and glass is horizontal to sun . Any one heard of problems with rear glass cracking ??
  2. unless you are busy year round dont pay straight commision . they will want pay for everything including cleaning up and want to leave shop early if nothing showing up .i have seen good salaried employees change for the bad when they change to straight commision .
  3. looking for someone or shop for 1 or 2 day training in ppf . i Will supply precut material, car shop . I can come to you or you to me . I am in orlando fl . Send me your price ? make a vacation of it lol its 85' here to day .
  4. anyone have a working anagraph or APD plotter for sale 40" ?
  5. Any one getting alot of new customers with social media marketing. I have been pushing it with regular posting but don't see the customers. Get alot of likes but it seems like its more for for an online business not a local service business . Still comes down to google search. Any successes out there using social media in the tinting field ?
  6. have you tried it to take of those stubborn tint on back windows that soaking it doesnt work .
  7. hey i am 52 and things piss me off more than when i was young . What pisses me off now are these rich guys trying to beat you down $10 over a $50K car . Back in the day i would say go to the fleamarket then . But with google now you have to bite your tongue and have a smile . f google
  8. quote dyed film on phone and say we tint from ____
  9. lux expensive about 5 times the price of oracale but they are thicker and dry adhesive . Depends on how much the customer will spend
  10. any one tried this pressure steamer to get those difficult tint removal . Would be good for ppf prepping too
  11. any good PPF training in SE USA . Or if someone goes to shop and train . I am in sunny florida so you can get part work part vacation .
  12. for sale llumar heat lamp . Excellent condition . Made a custom display one i my show room . Bought new $295 . Selling $190 shipped
  13. yes no defroster . I passed on it . Customer says to me i will take it to some one who tints high end cars .
  14. Had a guy come in with a 2018 Porsche 911 gt3 . It has a light weight glass that is flexible and when you knock it ti feels like poly carbonate . But he says its classified as glass and Porsche says it can be tinted . Any one come across it and can it be tinted . What concerns me is if it needs to be removed will it come off will it damage the glass . The rear screen and rear side windows are made of lightweight glass. This material is as light as polycarbonate and, unlike polycarbonate, offers particularly good scratch and fracture resistance as well as being significantly less prone to buckling at high speeds.