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  1. i have a used vinyl express q-100 40" . I bought a roland 54" this summer . Was keeping q 100 for back up but this roland is amazing . I am in Orlando fl . Machine works perfect .Great tracking for ppf . got t from signwarehouse
  2. Just moved to a new location..looking for new business . Have u had success with Google ad words campaigns.
  3. Any one have a good marketing guy that can help me set up a good google adword campaign ?
  4. i am in orlando . thats what i was thinking just do more on line promotion .videos . I need more space and a main rd location to get good sq ft its just too much in the winter months .these landlords want to keep raising rent when they see you being busy but refuse to spend a penny to maintain there property .
  5. i am on presently main road location and lease is up and have to move due rent landlord greed low income area etc . I have a good presence on google . From anyone who has moved from a main street to a side road . What was your experience?. These high rents people are charging for being on a main road are crazy? or any thing pos or neg when moving to a new location . thanks
  6. but if your slow and a teenager comes in with a 1999 civic shit box .They arent going to spend $300 on ceramic . Still dont mind making $150 for 1 hrs work . Or a drug dealer wants his rental tinted for 1 day on the outside . I wont be putting cheap tint on a newer car .
  7. Anyone used lexen carbon window tint tint over 3 years . Would it last at least 3 yrs in florida . Looking for a cheap film for cheap ass customers . https://lexenfilm.com/ . I got some from someone and shrinks really well and color looks good .
  8. home depo shelves empty . zero bottles .
  9. so when your bills get upto $15K . Hope you dont expect the govt to help you out . Dont expect suppliers ,tax man ,employee to wait around etc to give you a break. just do 1 car at a time only 1 customer in showroom and where a mask and gloves .
  10. i am down to a couple spray master bottle . They are sold out every where . I have a bunch that has low pressure when pumping . Any trick out there to fix them when the they dont squirt 100% .
  11. any of them has options to text or email customers to leave reviews automatically ?
  12. Tinters are too much . $30 per hr is too low . They see the owners busy and think its all profit . Theres a alot of expenses to run a business .
  13. anyone have a website domain name with the word tint in it they would like to sell .Should be over 5yrs old and have the name tint in it?
  14. started doing the whole back window in 1 piece for people williing to pay . I thought there would be cracking problem with it being 15% ceramic ,double pane,it has a factory tint and glass is horizontal to sun . Any one heard of problems with rear glass cracking ??
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