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Looking for experienced installers / salespersons in Cincinnati Area

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I am currently looking to branch out and expand our rolodex of experienced installers in the Cincinnati Tri-State area.


If you are a seasoned pro and experience any aspects of window tinting including automotive film, ppf, wraps and decals, and/ or flat glass commercial and residential. If you have experience with professional installation of stereos and remote starts. Please email me with your all your info and we can talk. This is for current situations as well as possible employment in the future when we may need more help. Even if you are currently employed or not looking for work, please send info as it may lead to a possible position in the future.


We are currently looking for anyone that has experience in also marketing and sales with strong background in window tinting.


We are an independent window company currently opening our first shop now and looking to rapidly expand and open up other locations as soon as possible. This would be a great opportunity for anyone in the industry with the knowledge and experience.


This could lead to you running your own crew or shop very soon, with rapid growth potential.


We have low overhead costs at our locations, which allows us to offer very competitive compensation and % for work. Don't invest all your time in the other companies offering you slave wages and expecting you to bend over backwards for them.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Please email all info and inquiries to info@expert-tint.com

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