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Anyone offer Class/Training in Melbourne?

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HI Guys,

I have been working full-time in an office same job for 20 years. I had a side business doing vinyl stickers/decals/ window film etc you get the point. I love cars and enjoyed working with window film and vinyl a lot. I want to start my own business and not work for someone. So my intention is to start a vehicle tinting business and expand into PDF and wraps. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to the right path where in Melbourne I can go to get trained and expand on what I know already. Also, what's a good film to purchase? So many out there that you can burn your brain trying to work it out. 

Any help will be great at this stage(links, company name etc.). Just want to thank you all in advance. 

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That's the best way to learn. I would try to find a local shop and apprentice in whichever film you most like to work with. If you can learn to tint first the other films are easier to use. Tinting cars is like playing the piano, if you can play that you can play every instrument in the room.


@flat rock stan has some good course work for tinting on dvd that has put alot of tinters in action.

Or you could take a two or three week crash course in the states most likely. There's a few that are pretty good. It's possible that Stan may have one on schedule.

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For wrap film the dividing line is commercial wraps for fleet advertisement, or color change wraps for nicer cars and finishes.


In the custom/color change side the edges get wrapped, trim pieces get removed and alot of the front end sometimes. 


On the fleet side it's mostly slapped on and minimal, if any trim is pulled. Basically paste and go. It's kind of mindless mostly.


Custom is more fun, but more opportunity for damage. It has to be sold correctly to set the expectation on techniques to be used, and what is a realistic lifespan.


CK Wraps has some of the best vids on youtube on doing inlays sports car bumpers. Sometimes I'll watch just to observe another installers approach to film install theory. He's a real deal intaller. He may be teaching in Toronto, Canada.

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