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Have any of you had success with setting up new dealer accounts through cold email outreach?

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Hi everyone,

We've recently moved to a new city and are looking at setting up some additional strategic partnerships with dealer groups in our area.

I don't believe these dealers would not have access to tint services or ppf services, however I'd like to start planting seeds through cold email outreach and see how far that gets me to start.

We ideally only want 1 dealership to start as we're a smaller shop with only 2 workers. I'm curious, has anyone had success with cold outreach through email?

I will be approaching these same places in the future, however I'd like to screen the unlikely ones through email first if at all possible (theres like 30 dealers here)

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I agree with TD.

I'll answer with a question; as long as you've been in business before moving to a new city, how many times did you receive a cold call via email?

This was always my plan: go to dealer > request a brief meeting with decision maker (sales/service mgr) > intro > present reason for being there > close on services, if there is interest.

Win some, lose some and in most cases, there isn't any easy way other than plain old shoe leather, a smile and a handshake.

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