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  1. What shrinking technique are you using? What kind of window are you practicing on and what film are you using? Welcome to the forum!
  2. That's awesome Jason, you're a stand up guy!
  3. Happy Independence Day weekend everybody. Long may it wave.
  4. Whoa, that could have been a lot worse.
  5. You have to push that black pin part until the white part can compress and go back into the hole.
  6. These? You have to turn the flat part in like a screw. Is it a different kind?
  7. Dang, really? I was just thinking to myself, what the heck will be next.
  8. All we need now is a giant meteor.
  9. I see your point, I just tend to try to cut my losses when dealing with unreasonable people.
  10. People Getting hot out there
  11. Give their money back and send them on their way, then hope they don't blame you for everything they find wrong with the car for the next year.
  12. I've tinted a couple of cars and have never had one that didn't have some kind of small flaw. I know the type of customer you have and they will never be satisfied and they will make sure you do not profit on their job. It's just they way they are. Dodge that bullet and toss that turd over the fence.
  13. Did something happen or just took a break?
  14. I've never been crazy about shaking hands, I'd rather not do it, even before this latest flu.
  15. @Booms Hey man, good to see you.
  16. Wife and kid are all, "happy father's day!" and made some art for me, so I assumed it was father's day. Sorry about that.
  17. Oh good, thought there must be a fight going on somewhere. 😆
  18. Sounds too much like work.
  19. Morning folks, how y'all doing?
  20. I feel your pain @Bham, I hope it heals quick.
  21. I called it. What better time to make moves?