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  1. There is no peace in the television. i had to kill mine, it kept calling me names.
  2. Is there anything good on TV these days?
  3. Kinda. If you cause a cavitation in the water, when the water collapses back it creates very high pressures and temperatures causing a brief re-explosion as any gasses there become plasma I think.
  4. This is crazy, Etna eruption streamed 7 hours ago...
  5. This is cool, every green dot on the globe is a radio station you can listen to by moving over it. http://radio.garden
  6. Looks like the world is falling apart boys.
  7. Did you get it figured out?
  8. Turned out to be a great time to ban coal.
  9. Well we didn't get 18 inches, just about 3 or 4, but icy as heck.
  10. Wild exaggeration in our forecasts usually.
  11. Dusting of snow here and in the 20's, nothing like they said it would be...again. Now they are saying a foot tonight.
  12. Something tells me the judge in his case is going to make an example of him.
  13. IRS be like, not so fast.
  14. We're supposed to get a foot starting Thursday night. Forecast here is never accurate so we'll see.
  15. Once a razorblade hits that lettering it will scratch everything else it contacts. I've done it, learned the hard way. It's a rookie mistake.
  16. There's no film on the glass in the first two pics, only scratches from going over the lettering there with a razor blade and some left over adhesive. I don't know what's going on in the 2nd and 3rd photos, but they look like they are on the outside, could be from a slim jim, ice scraper, etc, who knows? Last pic just looks like poor installation of the film.
  17. So, I'm checking out the coverage...what the heck are the fake people for? Are we supposed to be fooled by the cardboard cut outs of people in the stands or are we supposed to be reminded? What a mind job.
  18. How are things in Canada?
  19. Doing alright. Hanging in there.
  20. How's the new place going?
  21. And that huge sack would totally be a felony. They are talking small amounts.
  22. And the headline aint exactly true. They wont be charged with a felony. It's still a crime, and you'll have to pay a fine and go to treatment.