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  1. I just had a a customer message me and say that his driver's window shattered today while he was driving. He heard a loud pop and when he looked over his widow was shatterd. I just tinted it on Thursday using Global QDP 50%. Is there any way this could have been the fault of the film? I have never seen this or heard of this. 2005 CR-V (Now that I'm writing this I might have heard some people talk about some type of imperfection in the glass causing this)
  2. Looking for some tips (order of operations) to help me shrink the back glass on a 1996 Chevy Corvette. (already know to remove latch and struts)
  3. Bal4

    Double 5%

    I bagged a car today, and i think that that might be the best option for him. just cut out a trash bag to the shape of the window wrap the edges in tape and attach some suction cups. It will make for a cheap , effective, removable black out.
  4. I tinted a customers car a few months ago and he just called and asked about having another layer of 5% added to the rear. He is going to become a traveling Nurse and will be sleeping in the back of his Prius for a while and would like to add a degree of additional privacy at night. Will adding 5% give him the effect he is looking for? I explained to him that as soon as there is more light inside the car than outside (Night time with a lantern in side the car) people will be able to seen in. would the additional 5% help with this? I've never done double 5% so I don't know if it is the right solution or at least if it will yield the result he is seeking
  5. Adjust the pattern in the software
  6. the double roll is for if you need to get behind a 3rd brake light
  7. Never Call some one on something until after you've been payed. Contact your states Labor Division and file a complaint
  8. Any one have instructions on how to remove the trim on those front Quarter windows?
  9. I just put it on a Microfiber and rubbed then buffed it with a clean Micro
  10. Thanks. Luckily I had a tiny but of Goof Off Left.
  11. One cam of with minimul glue left over the other left almost all the glue. Im heating it up and rolling it off which is working. takes for ever but its working. there is now a has from the residual glue. Need the best way to get it off.
  12. would you generally charge more than you would for a standard Coupe?
  13. Thats what i thought but the guy said in his message 1962. He must have meant '72
  14. I was asked about doing a '72 Dodge Challenger. What would you advise I charge?