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  1. Hey mate, did you have any luck with getting templates done?
  2. Any tinters out there looking for a country lifestyle? I am looking for a experienced tinter for auto and flat glass to join me at my shop in Tamworth NSW. I am not looking for a 10 car a day tinter ,i am looking for high quality installs on 3-4 cars a day.We tint 99% new cars including prestige. If anyone is interested please contact me on 0421654753 cheers justin
  3. tikka

    2015 Aurion

    Hi guys , Tinted the new pasara today and found that they have put an automatic blind in the rear deck which has little nylon wheels that runs firmly against the glass or tint from about 15" down from the top edge of the glass. I have no doubt this will scratch the film and cause warrantys if not noted to the custy. There is a manual switch which can be used to keep it down, if the blind is up it automatically goes down when you hit reverse.
  4. I used to be just like you 35 , tint anything looking for a challenge , now if I remotely think it's gunna piss me off up goes the price and off it goes to jay.
  5. tikka

    2015 BMW 228i

    I don't touch bmws with an olfa , button all the way
  6. Good point.... your right I do need to be a bit more organised with the booking. Just used to people showing upIve been getting heaps of mo shows mate doesn't affect me though cause I have so much dealer work to draw from, all though I have been telling people now that I give them Half hour leeway then after that the spot is gone!
  7. 1 nice house Rocky's palace of love 35 after to many VB'S
  8. Soap shrink heat gun on highest setting 630 , grey high temp card with felt applied to the edge , wet shrink side windows on a spare rear screen or lately on the peel board
  9. tikka

    BMW M4

    Arnt the doors frameless or am I getting confused