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  2. Hey mate, did you have any luck with getting templates done?
  3. Any tinters out there looking for a country lifestyle? I am looking for a experienced tinter for auto and flat glass to join me at my shop in Tamworth NSW. I am not looking for a 10 car a day tinter ,i am looking for high quality installs on 3-4 cars a day.We tint 99% new cars including prestige. If anyone is interested please contact me on 0421654753 cheers justin
  4. tikka

    2015 Aurion

    Hi guys , Tinted the new pasara today and found that they have put an automatic blind in the rear deck which has little nylon wheels that runs firmly against the glass or tint from about 15" down from the top edge of the glass. I have no doubt this will scratch the film and cause warrantys if not noted to the custy. There is a manual switch which can be used to keep it down, if the blind is up it automatically goes down when you hit reverse.