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  1. For those who are still wondering, the antenna and UMTS module are both located under the parcel shelf. No wires running towards the trunk. We always just remove those two modules and never have any problem with key not detected. The pictures are taken from a 2016 model.
  2. Hi there, what would you use to seal edges on a external install? Just a (outdoor)glazing silicone sealant? Regards,
  3. Thank you for your reply. So you tint before or after the blackout? Could u attach a close up pic anytime?
  4. Hi there, this could be an excellent solution to the wide fritt dotmatrix areas but how do you make it without gap? You tint first as normal except for the fritt area, then when tint dried a bit, you mask the tint starting at the very edge? Do you remove masking a.s.a.p or when the sika dried completely? Regards,
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