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  1. The local Suntek guy here charges $160 for CIR on a standard vehicle. He charges an additional $40 if you have an SUV. Now, I have yet to see an install come out of his shop that didn't have scratches or hazing issues, but whatever... To think, I thought I was being fair when I offered SolarFX or Global ceramic for $250, only to have customers try to get me down to $160 to meet the other guy's price. Granted, this guy always tries to do 15 to 20 cars per day and has multiple employees so I guess he prefers to make his money in volume versus per car. I'm just a part-timer who prefers to offer what I feel is the better product for a fair price. Sadly, all anyone local thinks is that I am ripping them off because this other guy sells the "same tint" for a lower price and that is exactly how he advertises. They seem to not give a hoot about hazing or scratching and are quick to point out that I am charging too much money and ripping them off. Finally, the last time I looked into Suntek pricing, I wondered how they could offer a quality ceramic tint at their pricing point. After working with some, I learned that it isn't a quality ceramic tint, hence the low per foot price point. OTOH, I was shocked at how easy it shrunk for a ceramic tint but that is due to the fact that it is missing the scratch resistant layer that higher end ceramics have.
  2. I did it part-time last year, until I had some health issues that forced me to stop. Now, my health issues are back in check and I may give it another whirl next year. I'm good friends with someone who owns his own tinting business and I am welcome any time! In other words, I am lucky. I will, however, be tinting my wife's new Kia Soul soon.
  3. I didn't do the initial install because this was before I learned how to tint. Sadly, this installer is the reason I learned how to tint windows. He was famous for up-selling another line with a lifetime warranty, then installing run of the mill ATC film on the vehicle. I'll know more if it is ATC because that film is generally a royal pain to remove as it comes off in layers. All I can say is that this film is NOT the Carbon film that I paid for because the whole car is experiencing fading.
  4. Has anyone removed one of these decks? If not, when it cools off, I'm going to remove the deck in my wife's 2016 Jetta GLI because the tint currently on the car has experienced adhesive failure. I really want to make sure I have complete access to the whole window because removing glue from behind the brake light is a royal pain. I told my wife that I will wait until it cools down a bit unless it gets to the point where she can not see out of her back window. If it becomes a safety issue before it cools off, I'l redo it, heat be damned.
  5. I'm still trying to learn that hand cutting technique that avoids slashing trim. I get that the back of the blade needs to be toward the trim, but, I often cut short or slightly off when I try to use that technique. Don't get me wrong, I am better at not slashing trim than when I first started, it's just the crappy hand cuts that are throwing me for a loop. I'm about ready to just buy a plotter and be done with it, lol. I'm still a firm believer that one should know how to hand cut even if they only use a plotter, just in case.
  6. I helped push one out of the shop because we couldn't figure out the blow, suck, blow sequence on the DUI ignition lock... It would have been nice if the customer who dropped off the car had told us that before she left.
  7. Two weeks ago I removed some of that ATC fade to clear tint off a Mercedes. I just can't believe someone put that cheap of a film on a Mercedes.
  8. My first tint job on my own car after receiving training ended up with air pockets due to the fact that I had crappy tools and was still green. I'm going to tackle it again soon now that I have the proper tools and have done a few other cars with a lot less mistakes. The fact that a "reputable" tint shop turned out that type of work is mind blowing since I only had one car turn out that bad.
  9. The smart junction box in the right side passenger's kick panel area was a royal pain if it got slightly wet. How much of a pain? Let's just say I was on vacation in Pensacola Florida in 2007 with my 2006 Mustang GT and after a torrential rain, my car was acting up something viscous. On the bright side, my vacation was extended by three days and I had a loaner for the warranty issue. There was some TSB where a slight drip ended up getting sealed because of this while my car was in the shop.
  10. I'm still in the beginning stage, but the reason I became interested in window tinting was to help out a friend of mine who owns a shop and had a lot of health problems. The end result will be to learn the trade, but I can't turn my back on a friend.
  11. Thanks for the replies, I will give the soap method a try. Oddly, this only happened with two vehicles, one of them being the last one of the day on Friday, lol. My trainer said that the last one always comes back to bite you in the butt, lol. You say to yourself "at least it is an easy vehicle," only to find something like Rain-X or Wax on the dang back glass causing problems with the shrinking process.
  12. I'm still fairly new to this, but I noticed that dry shrinking the rear glass on windows that have been treated with Rain-X or a wax of some sort seem to make the tint grab and crease if I am not careful. Heck, even if being careful, it still grabbed and wanted to crease. Is there any way to stop this from happening? For what it is worth, I use a bounce dryer sheet to wipe the glass down, wait for it to dry, and either utilize the H-pattern or just a line through the middle to hold the film in place. This excessive grabbing problem drove me nuts both Friday afternoon and Saturday.
  13. I agree with the 20% thing, unless that is what they are asking for. I have 5% on mine and 20% on my wife's, but I have a medical exemption that allows me to do that on my vehicle and my wife's. I don't know that I would go that dark on someone else's vehicle unless they specifically asked. Also, 50 feet for three cars is a bit optimistic starting out. I start with 100 foot rolls because I know I will make mistakes, lol. I'm sure after a few more months of doing this, I'll get better. In fact, I need to redo a few windows on my car.
  14. You need to watch some shops. The whole reason I decided to get into tinting was because I paid to have Solargard HP Quantum installed on my vehicle, and I know for a fact that is not what was installed on the whole car. My driver's side window faded and discolored in three years time AND it was a royal pain to remove, even with steam. The other windows came off relatively easy in one piece with steam. The faded and discolored window film, broke, and peeled off in layers. The tint on that window was also thinner. In fact, I spent an hour just removing and cleaning that one window! I'd get into the whole warranty aspect, but they moved, changed names, and claimed it was a different business, even though it was the same owner with the same employees. Oh well, live and learn.
  15. I was just trained on how to tint windows in February. I'm down for the raffle because I like learning!