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  1. I came across this m5 rear screen the colour changes only in the rain.can any one tell me what film is this or why this is only changing colour in the rain? ๐Ÿค“
  2. Thanks for the replies guys really appreciate it๐Ÿ˜Š. I feel like the peanuts are in the shrink. I dry shrink and used a blue or black teflon card to sqeegee down, shrinking maybe couple of inches down and i go across the whole screen then back again. I also do a wet check shrink or just lift a few inch up on top and bottom and double snap it.i know a few tinters who use or have used Global QDP and have mentioned the peanut issue. One uses the QD single ply to aviod this issue. Am i shrinking wrong?
  3. im sure solar guard is a chinese or korean film. New vision is decent for economy window tints and the chameleon tint on front screens are very profitable.
  4. Hi tinter's , im having problems with peanuts in rear screens. I use global QDP which i am very fond of. I dry shrink with the soap bar method.im not sure whats causing this. I can push out most of them but some are very stubborn.im not a veteran tinter ive been tinting from 2016 and have recently opened my own shop. Any advice would be much appreciated. Some photos showing my new shop๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Try global . We had s sample of it while we were selling suntek carbon and llumar, was so impressed we stopped all the other films and now only use Global and nothing else. Suntek carbon scratches bad, the llumar just kept on falling off. Too many warranty issues from both.Never heard of anything bad about global or a warranty claim.try a sample first.
  6. Im sticking to shrinking on outside guys. I just find it risky shrinking on inside of most cars i do. I dont mind if its older or a lower value car.i feel its safer to put the heat on exterior then near a door card.๐Ÿ‘
  7. Justin at pmx coating , you want the Global QDP. Best film ever. I have never seen it fail so far. Best scratch coating,shrink and colour you will get.
  8. global is very good if not the best.
  9. if you want top end film with no warranty come back best scratch coating global is the best.
  10. its a really good film i switched over from suntek carbon and found this easier to do audi back windows. Also the scratch coating is superior to any ive used. which filcm are you using? they do send out samples. try them once atleast .
  11. Did you manage to get hold of any Global? I use PMX coatings. Suntek customer service was an issue so we tried a sample of global and found it to be a better film.
  12. ive always shrunk side glass. this is very new to me and ive been tinting for 3years.
  13. hi guys i was helping a friend of mine today who is new in the game.he installed the side windows without shrinking they went on fine no fingers. i shrink and double snap all side windows except quarter glass. Any thoughts?
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