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  1. Morning ever E body Rain stopping for at least a few days. Now the humidity until it rains again. @Roach Yes, honeysuckle grows rampant down here. It's everywhere. We also have these plants called Oregon grapes that are extremely invasive. They are all over the property and we hate them. Them and the mimosas. They can all die. It's gonna be tough getting rid of them and controlling them.
  2. Morning ever E body Been looking around the new property seeing what's growing. So far I've got = blueberries, blackberries, figs, pears, crab apples and I'm pretty sure there are muscadine vines there also.
  3. For all you Dad's for fathers day = If she can push a full baby stroller around the store for hours, She can push a lawnmower. Take the weekend off Dad's
  4. Morning ever E body Weather moving in Happy Saturday
  5. I had to steal this one.
  6. Morning ever E body You two @no ma'am @highplains need to spend more time in Alabama, where the weather is confusing as hell yet always humid.
  7. Morning ever E body Seriously considering making the jump to Mon. - Fri. only. No Saturdays.
  8. Back to the grind after a nice week at the beach. Morning ever E body
  9. I’ve been here all week. Be back to normal tomorrow.
  10. Morning ever E body Last day of tinting windows until Monday the 14th Still got work to do before Saturday evening though. Wedding and beach pics ...... coming soon.
  11. Morning ever E body. Things are coming along nicely.
  12. Morning ever E body Rolling 3 deep and still have room to move around.
  13. Late lunch Afternoon ever E body
  14. Mornin ever E body Oh yeah,, @TintDude Did you ever build the RC track in your back yard? In the beginning of the video it seemed like that was what you were envisioning? Also, look up the Mantis Pro 100 electronic game call. We about to have some fun at the house with these woods all around me. Gonna try and call in the turkey