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  1. Thank you for contributing @WearTheFoxHat Great story BTW haha, see what I did there.
  2. Don't get in a hurry = with your work OR wanting to do it for a living. Get good before you get deep. In the area that you are in, there are many quality shop already established with good tinters. That's gonna be tough to complete with, so know that before you get started. Make sure you do quality work with quality tint. Even if it's your first few jobs and you have to redo windows to get them to come out right. Don't let a window leave if you know it's not up to par. If it needs to be fixed before delivery do so, and if there is something after delivery, fix that also. This is all part of the job and part of making yourself a good quality tinter with a good name for yourself. Letting bad work leave and not standing behind your work will get you gone quickly. Those other guys already know this and will eat you alive if you continually do poor quality installs. Good Luck.
  3. Let's play a little game called "Oh,, By the way" Things you need to know that the customer fails to tell you. Try to keep it tint related and please, Keep it clean and have fun. started this because of one I had today and thought we all could have a little fun with this. I'll start with, Got and early 2000 S-10 in today. Oh, BTW = The drivers window has film that needs removing. We tried to clean the passenger window but left glue around the top edge so the window is glued to the rubber. " " = The rear window has film on it that needs to be removed, but I'm gonna act like I didn't realize that. " " = The plastic is brittle so you can't open the extended cab wing windows to do them properly. Grrrr,,, Okay guys,, your turn. Keep it going. Have some fun with this.
  4. The hard one. But that 7.0 will GO!!!
  5. Morning ever E body. Monday - Monday. :sigh
  6. Crap. If you guys do enough F150 windshields, you know that they are generally pretty easy. Except for that one model line '09 - '11, that has that one windshield that is an absolute beast to do. Well I got one of those today. :boo
  7. Morning Ever E Body Happy Friday
  8. Alright you nerds. You might have to zoom to see it all,,, but “how cool was your childhood?”
  9. This is awesome because while emptying my house I grew up in, I just found my original Electronic Battleship from when I was kid.
  10. Morning ever E body @no ma'am What is that? An underwater crop circle? Had to pull out the Honda backglass of the shelf. New Civic Hatchback in the bay
  11. Hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday
  12. If you want to do this, it's on you and would probably help for a better install yes. BUT!!! you have to make sure all the window switches are still there and working otherwise there is no need to do this.
  13. Again sorry, still confused. How could this add more time? It's still the same piece of glass ( i.e. = it's still the same process no matter which type of glass ). Is surface B (inside surface) different ? This just doesn't sound right to me unless I am missing something obvious.