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  1. Not sure how much water you use per day, but in my opinion switching to gallon distilled water is the only way to go. By myself I am at 2 - 4 gallons a day. At about $ .80/gal. Zero issues when I switched and slip works way more consistently. you could also buy a distilling machine Used for around $400 And do at least 4 gal a day yourself.
  2. So — The TiNT STOP, after three years, is now “ In the black “ technically. We only owe one payment other than monthly utilities. All other bills and loans have been paid off. The one payment we now owe is so low per month we won’t even notice it. It feels good to feel like I’m out of the water instead of trying to keep my head above it.
  3. Awesome @Tint Eastwood Done working till Monday. Now to go and work on these 3 slabs of baby backs.
  4. Hope everyone at least takes Saturday off for some rest and fun. I know I am. Happy 4th ever E body.
  5. Like @no ma'am said it’s on the outside. The thing is, when you tint the windows any exterior defects will be more obvious. So streaks and dings that might not have been seen so easily when the glass was clear, will now show up easily.
  6. Never tried that but it looks awesome. But I can't make stuff like that anymore The wife is now diabetic and we have to watch it.
  7. They are ALL referring to "color" when they use the term charcoal. There is not any charcoal material of any kind used in the making of window film. Charcoal, carbon, bronze, etc. are defining the color or hue of the film
  8. Morning ever E body :breakfast
  9. If you can, do short racks wrapped in foil so you can cook completely indirect. The lower and slower the better. Turn on the far burner and put the ribs as far away as you can from the flame, wrapped in foil. If you can go low enough on the temp you can start the first part open on foil and finish them wrapped. When I do ribs on the smoker (which is indirect heat, just with smoke) I do the 3-2-1 method. 3hours open at 145° open + then 2hours wrapped at 250° + then 1 hours wrapped and drenched in sauce at 250°. This can be adjusted for all grills as long you are not cooking over the flame.
  10. Morning ever E body. Tweaked my back this morning trying to slide that dang heavy ass upside down planter over out of the way so they can remove that tree.
  11. Yeah. I’ll take lucky on this one. Can’t get down the porch steps till it’s cleaned up, but I still have a porch.
  12. Came home to this the other day. It didn’t do any damage and just barely missed my little garden.