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  1. Morning ever E body After a good day of cleaning the yard,,, minus running into the hitch with my shin ,, It's time to get back at it. Let's get this '78 Cheyenne done @TNTLady
  2. Took the day off due to the power being out (line work). Got a lot of junk hauled off and backyard cleaned up. I’m tired now. Beers and steaks and then
  3. Another for @highplains Where ya at little lady @no ma'am Carry on. Oh yeah. Here’s dinner from last night.
  4. Sweet color on the new Colorado
  5. @DynamicATL I assume y'all are doing these fender lights... Is $100 to much for 4 fender lights tinted on the new 2500 & 3500's. Anyone else can chime in with what they think this service is worth.
  6. Looks like I’m gonna start doing these fender lights on the GMC & Chevy 2500 & 3500’s.
  7. Morning ever E body BTW = Lowe's picked up Craftsman so they dropped the Porter Cable heat gun. But no worries, the Craftsman gun is the exact same gun.
  8. Banana bread in the oven. Kitchen smells awesome.
  9. Kinda like losing your Red dot and having to use an Olfa Silver instead.
  10. Being up there, y'all haven't gotten the nice high 70's mid 80's yet. We've had a few already but that was just to piss us off. Mother Nature
  11. Morning ever E body Stupid Alabama weather. Back to the low to mid 30's tonight and chilly tomorrow after the rain. :sigh
  12. Wouldn't it be awesome if all of the sudden, everyone suddenly realized that nobody that smokes pot is getting the virus. There,,,, I said it.