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  1. VW's are "harder" than most due to the felt and lack of room past the matrix,,,and the Golf is no walk in the park,, BUT, that is an unacceptable install for sure. More prep and precaution steps needed to take care of that. Also,,,,,,,, That Zipper
  2. From the looks of that picture and the other prep picture, you are using way too much dryer sheet or DSP residue. It doesn't have to be a thick layer of residue to work, it only need to be a thin layer. Too much residue can actually cause shrinking problems. Unless you lifted that piece before that picture, It looks you are really over shrinking and not pressing or carding hard enough, in my opinion according to pic above. Just my two cents from a computer screen
  3. It's not to much film on the sides, but that you are shrinking to much film on the sides. You can leave the sides, but you must push all the fingers to the top and work them out that way. From one of those pics, it's obvious that you are trying to shrink the sides to much. Film doesn't shrink that way and once you do, it's hard to come back from it, hence the reason you can't the top correct.
  4. Hard to describe / easier to show. You are being too aggressive with your shrink and need to pre shrink certain parts of the fingers before planting them with a card. Film will only shrink so much then it gives up. You need to leave more at the top so you can lift and pull while shrinking, so that the fingers aren't as tough to deal with.
  5. My schedule stays at least a week or better out. I know what's on each day so I do my best to make each day "even" as far as difficulty. Saturdays are always the easiest days. Hopefully only trucks or super easy cars on Saturdays. Once you get a good rhythm down of how you want to schedule things, it gets easier as you go. Been 100% by myself for a long time and am doing well over 100K a year without killing myself.
  6. This,,, this is what I am currently doing and it's about to kill me. I would love to hire someone but training is so expensive on the backend and they usually leave after a year anyway. Finding an experienced tinter who is honest and not methed out and won't rob you blind is hard. The ones who are good are usually happy where they are and don't ever leave,,,,, the ones that jump from shop to shop are tough to tell and you just hope you don't get one of those. edited to say that I only do 3 cars a day and some sets of doors every day. 4 cars is tough unless they are easy. :tired
  7. After watching this,, I feel like I could pull off one of these. Not that I actually want to or anything, but I think i could do it.
  8. Whole car is easy, just tight for a tall feller. There is A LOT of suede on the doors and the whole hat rack is suede. I put a piece of scrap film cut to fit the hat rack before I started. The C-pillars will still get wet as well as the edges of the hat rack,,, but it will be okay if you go ahead and dry it off mostly with a microfiber.
  9. The new Genesis G70 Great looking car and a piece of cake to tint.
  10. If you find a reputable shop that is installing a quality product, temperature won't matter unless it is below freezing and going to stay there.
  11. I would have to agree with @Ryker , something seems a little off with those numbers. I install QDP40% all day and 30% is the lowest number I get on most any type of manufacturer. The 4Runners with the yellow(kaki) color windows sometimes meter 29% with 40% film. VW's have that bluish glass but it still doesn't meter illegal with 40%.
  12. I used to sling a lot of Llumar and have tried just about every other type of film out there. Llumar is a quality product with horrible business practices. They really don't look out for the smaller shops economically in my opinion. Anyone that won't sell you film just because you aren't ordering enough in volume from them is not looking out for the little guy. Global is as good or better in some cases than Llumar. If you can get a good distributor who won't drop you if you don't order a certain dollar amount ever month, then Global would definitely be the way to go. Rock solid film from a manufacturer that has all of the components to produce film from beginning to end. Llumar has the same thing but they had to spend years buying companies here and there and changing there name a few times before they got to the beginning to end stage. So in short,,,, Global is just as solid as Llumar and will do any installer or shop just as a high quality film for installation. Just my two cents.
  13. A little Yota action going on at The Tint Stop 🛑
  14. Bham

    2021 Toyota Venza

    @Booms This is the same thing with the Lexus NX SUV's , my questions are = Do you think they can still be tinted? Are you going to not tint them at all (just pass) ? Or go ahead and tint them without using a blade? Thanks