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  1. Morning ever E body Hey @Roach I saw the guys with the snowman suit scaring people were in Philly. You should watch it and see if you know where they are set up. It's pretty funny so it's worth the watch.
  2. Thanks. It's nice to have something worthy of that for a change. Not just another Camry or SUV.
  3. Sweet little 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser QDP 20%
  4. Gonna be a LONG day. '73 Toyota Land Cruiser. Smh.
  5. What's going on ever E body Still working hurt (which sucks pretty bad). Not as bad as it was a week ago but still have something wrong with my neck. Gotta get it looked at, at some point. That's gonna cost me $$$ I don't have. Staying pretty busy. Hope everyone is doing well and had a good Thanksgiving. @no ma'am. I still haven't put your squeegee in the mail yet. I will get it done here soon.
  6. Morning ever E body Been battling a really bad case of whiplash from sleeping wrong. Still don't have full movement in my neck yet, but it's getting better. @no ma'am Hit me up with a name and address for you and I will get your squeegee on the way to you.
  7. Coffee and a cancelation, so far. Morning ever E body
  8. I like the giant mushroom caps better than stuffing a bell pepper. I think it comes out better sautéing the peppers and onion instead of baking a big pepper that is stuffed.
  9. This recipe is a huge hit. It's not hard at all, and very good. I don't use any "lite" items
  10. Bham


    Dumplings implies that there was a single dumple
  11. Bham


    Morning ever E body. Working on a couple I can't take pictures of.
  12. It won't work unless the key is really close or in your hand. The emblem barely moves. I was actually leaning on the rear with my phone in my hands, about to Google how to open it and my arse pushed on the emblem.
  13. @DynamicATL @no ma'am @highplains @TNTLadyHave y'all figured out how to open the hatch on the new Regal yet? It's kinda interesting and I only found it by accident. It's one of those, bet lunch type of things.
  14. Bham


    You can keep all that stuff. It's a nasty day here with lots of wind.
  15. Bham


    @Tint Eastwood Got snow ?