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  1. Rainy Monday I've come to realize that the T-15 torx bit is the window tinters 10mm. Can't ever find the damn thing.
  2. Or maybe they could just learn what the actual benefits of ceramic films are and what they actually do. Ceramic film is not magic. It does not keep the car magically cooler. Ceramic film is for what YOU feel from the suns heat. There are many reasons we feel heat from the sun, but ceramic films block more of the spectrum of that heat that we FEEL ON OUR SKIN. If our skin was not involved the "IR" part of the reason ceramic film works would not be a factor. That being said, ceramic films block more of the infrared spectrum of the suns heat so that YOU feel more comfortable BEHIND the film. i.e. = when the sun is coming through that particular piece of glass with ceramic film on it, you will feel more comfortable behind that film. It's like being in direct sunlight then being in a little bit of shade, you will still get hot, just "not as hot" because you are in the shade. Cheers.
  3. Friday y'all. Morning ever E body
  4. @Roach Yeah, I had a feeling from the beginning that he wasn't " truly " interested in tinting. More interested in the money at the end once you know how to tint. He said he wasn't as interested as he thought he was, but I think he just couldn't be patient enough to learn the beginning to be able to benefit from the end. He wanted to be able to cut hair without knowing how to wash it first (as I told my stylist today) . edited to say = he could NOT keep his phone out of his hands either, so there is that.
  5. Well, I guess it's back to the drawing board. Trainee quit today. Only lasted 2 weeks and one day total.
  6. Morning ever E body Wet Wednesday The spiders are bad right now. Can't walk through the yard without hitting a web somewhere. Already had my morning karate workout.
  7. Eeeeh, so-so Not to bad. Busy, but still getting used to this "training stuff". I'm not to good at it.
  8. Do you at least have a backup like a fireplace ?? We have a buck stove in the living room
  9. Morning ever E body Hope y'all had a good weekend. It was nice all weekend here. Loved it. Yeah, you gotta get that fixed Bro. No heat with your kind of cold is a big NO!!
  10. Friday Morning ever E body. Frost on the pumpkin this morning, almost. Rather chilly when I went to let the chickens out. Here comes the cold weather.
  11. Completely agree @Diablo's Tint I quoted $800 for a basic 12 passenger Econoline simply because they wanted a last minute appointment. Is that too much for regular film on that vehicle, well yeah, but, If they choose to pay that, so be it. Am I wrong for doing that, hell no.
  12. Just know that PPF adhesive, just like window tint adhesive does not cure properly or work well with plastic. PPF on paint is different which is why you see it for interior parts. Parts that are painted. Clear screen covers such as heads up displays (HUD) and climate controls are a big no if they are not truly glass. Most in dash HUD are not. PPF will adhere properly to glass, painted metal and non porous stone. Clarity on glass is questionable, of course.
  13. You probably won't find those patters because PPF is not designed for that type of install. The adhesive is not designed to work with a screen and will most likely destroy the screen if ever removed. If the adhesive were to cure wrong or if the piece needed to be fixed, it could not be removed without destroying the screen. Most climate controls are also not glass, but a plastic of some sort and PPF adhesive does not do well with plastic at all. This is not a recommended install in my opinion.
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