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  1. Bham

    2021 Toyota Venza

    @Booms This is the same thing with the Lexus NX SUV's , my questions are = Do you think they can still be tinted? Are you going to not tint them at all (just pass) ? Or go ahead and tint them without using a blade? Thanks
  2. I have a love/hate relationship with these cars. You know it’s always gonna be bad when you cut the backglass in the shape of a Superman emblem. Vette. T/A either one Yes, I did the rear twice.
  3. Yeah Bro,, we got the "you are almost done" e-mail, telling us to be ready to sign things for about an hour or so.
  4. SEVEN DAYS FOLKS! We close in seven days.
  5. Morning ever E body Back to the grind
  6. South bound and down Got my Guy Harvey & flip/flops on and Marley on the radio.
  7. Last day of the week for me boyz Morning ever E body
  8. Had to change locations for the beach trip. Lower Alabama is pretty torn up. Oh well. Florida it is.
  9. SahWeeet!!! Good for you.
  10. Morning ever E body. @Booms Is that your new place or a job you did ? Either way it's cozy looking
  11. Instant Karma is the absolute best. But actually witnessing Karma (even if it takes forever) runs a close second.
  12. 'Sup ever E body Short week for me.... FINALLY going to the beach Hurricane Sally should be pretty much over by Friday
  13. Happy Saturday ever E body . It's been a long 60+ hour week. I'm ready for Sunday. See y'all Monday.
  14. Today was old Toyota truck day. This one and a pain in the butt ‘86 Xtra Cab