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  1. You can’t create those streaks installing, they are in line with the window movement. (Too perfect for a human to recreate)and that’s not a new Chevy. Unless he threw sand in the seal to intentionally pull some shit there’s literally no way for you to have caused this. Too old of a truck for that conversation, feel free to quote me.
  2. Stick with 50 everywhere for appearance,
  3. It’s either from hard water or the seal rubbing the glass. Real common on trucks with windows that get constant use, dirt in the seal or dust leaves a hazy appearance. Not the film or your install, it’s on the outside.
  4. This guy won’t buy anything other than gm i think, and they roll with towels on the seats. Retired Air Force
  5. Man I take zero pictures anymore but hang on... brought to you by condom sense window tinting.
  6. bars closed at noon in TX
  7. @highplains my first 4 series coupe was a removal on top of that shit fuck those cars! 6 and 8’s suck more!
  8. Coupe is hard on the back! Seat folds down, I fold passenger side down and work basically hugging a loose driver rear seat back to squeegee. You’ll see what I mean. And be careful with the manual seats in delete/base model, raise them up BEFORE running them forward to make room for bg install. Thought the headrest was gonna break the windshield first time lol!
  9. Can’t say for sure anymore, dealer went in house. 19 and back no big deal on electronics but I don’t flush down a backglass ever? Tuck seals on all 4 series doors, and be generous with rounding that bottom front corner of the doors. Is it a coupe,gran coupe, or convertible?
  10. Little late but.... I’m gonna do it anyway
  11. This is the way..... to mess with your kid on Father’s Day!
  12. I’ve worked in bays designed for speed and where tint is afterthought, makes a huge difference in productivity
  13. I’m following, what we did looked good to me The window was rediculous ng 20 madico butted straight edges up in the middle vertically.