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  1. Had to pull the panel on dad’s Taurus wagon same window lol and smack the sheet metal where the motor is a few times and it started working again.
  2. Y’all better start chewing big red
  3. They don’t signal cuz it’ll hurt their lil limp wrist! @TintDude
  4. sup y’all.... Dino Dana with the kid, show is terrible.
  5. Sweet poster I bought myself a year or two ago, I’m a nerd judge me needs a frame.
  6. Dammit hightimes too early......
  7. missing lotp boss.... @TintDude feel like it kept the fire lit. I’m not motivated to it out with hightimes anymore. @highplains you’re still a tool though, just so we’re on the same page.
  8. I’ve had maybe 10 customers in 15 plus years with the breathalyzer. What’s y’all’s count?