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  1. I did, it’d been apart recently at Stevie wonder’s paint and body. Not proud of a couple windows on it but even if I was confident in roping glass in/out I wouldn’t have with 50 year old rubber. Junk body with Gm drivetrain only thing cool about it.
  2. Put 2 new axles in and be done for another 10 plus years @Roach and get a scanner/code reader that’ll cover your car. Me and @highplainswill get bored and tell you what’s wrong with you car
  3. Well I’m basically kicking the land cruiser out of the bay, not proud of it. Pop out qtrs look good, driver door too. hit my head too many times inside to keep my patience. The first time someone rolls down the passenger window it’s trashed, had to have a co worker pull on the glass with a suction cup while I tucked the film. Custys order of operation didn’t work in my favor
  4. did some ppf today need a walker
  5. It’s a Volkswagen so ...... @TintDude sup boss
  6. Is this the other side of the front end that got worked on? @Roach where’s ma truck?
  7. Weak window regulator and motor design, screws behind plastic covers labelled airbag and 1 in vent feed on front edge front doors, pillar upholstery problably worn, tell customer upfront its old and upholstery on pillars and old plastic will be brittle. Door panels clip on top not too bad.
  8. stupid land cruiser stupid roll cage stupid tire carrier stupid stupid stupid design, I hit my head at least 4times on that cage. I’m about to start hitting back come next week when I go back to working on it
  9. I’m doing this because a salesguy quit and pissed off a customer on his way out, not gonna person everyone knows this but just damn
  10. Old crusty land cruiser, there will be dirt/light gaps. And I’m not wild about pull the hardware on these old pop outs. any advice from the old school would be appreciated