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  1. try Classic black in short rolls 40/36/20 in x 25/50 ft good film. Good base line of how a decent film should be to work with.
  2. My old man was on enterprise 64-68 phantom electrician. What ship was yours on?
  3. So i think they got some 406mm Buick’s and Chrysler’s shot back at em.
  4. I’m a nerd and like this kinda shit. Dad was navy.
  5. I’ve seen a replacement part for the ends on something like this. Can’t remember what model but if you get it figured out buy extras and sell em up front. Customer will appreciate the extra thought involved in your install.
  6. So I got myself into this, not ma first but it’s so dirty. And a removal. Top 10 dirty last 5 years easily. Using old sample film and if it would stick It would’ve been ma first try lol! I’m about to vinyl the dots on top and call it in ma next attempt.
  7. Yeah @Bham Scotland or something seen from a drone.