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  1. Good ol you tube and now I’m an appliance repairman.
  2. Grow your own green and red peppers and mail that shit to me! Grandparents did that and fajitas and kabobs miss the good old days, ran out of grandparents in the late 2000’s. They did it right, I’m fuckin up lol! sup y’all.
  3. Yeah you could say the back glass is more (challenging) than most cars. Doesn’t look it but.... it can be very time consuming.
  4. If anyone else is a bored nerd there’s this
  5. This shit is platinum! @TintDude
  6. Y’all seen the Florida man game thing on the face tube? Type in your birthday and Florida man on google and show results?
  7. if I have to watch anything frozen related again in the next few days I’m gonna lose it nobody will watch