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  1. Defroster quality has tanked! Watch out for fuyao labeled windows. Disclaimer on everything, not my problem car manny’s can’t get or make decent glass. Laminated doors are extremely popular, Tesla and Germany suck equally. When in doubt post up. Welcome back!
  2. Did an 06 rover yesterday and it had what appeared to be overspray on the back 3 windows. I’ve actually seen this before on 2 others. It’s on the inside, curious if anyone else has seen this before
  3. Haven’t seen one yet how’d that back window go?
  4. I still vote 15/20 backglass especially if you have light interior. Again it helps with an even look and the glare from headlights behind you.
  5. I need a location in a pic of the whole window to speculate any further.
  6. Kinda random and very straight? Hard to scratch film or glass so perfectly as a tinter. Usually something in seal or someone at the dealer Detailing. Tint adds contrast and shows the flaws in glass. Hard to see a dent on a white car easy on black. Tint will make pre existing damage to glass more noticeable.
  7. Got me a couple doors on an escalade$$
  8. My own thing is kinda happening out of necessity. Dude that taught me tint hates it, letting me start my own thing. I’ll post up a location after I’m up an running. Learning bodywork as I go for more $$$