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  1. Blendmount makes a large variety of mirror mounts for escort radars. I’d bet they have one for a bmw
  2. Tint…. And yeah you can cause problems without proper prep and care?
  3. I did one and didn’t have issues? I’m pretty sure I had the seal out though
  4. Damn these suck lol! Newest model is way easier… especially since I’m not cleaning up someone else’s removal pinnacle 30 front 15 rear half.
  5. New s-class pinnacle 30 sides 15 rear 50 roofs and air 80 on the windshield
  6. Stratos 30 all, and air 80 on this here bronco.
  7. Full front ppf, stratos 30 front 50 sides and rear, air 80 on the shield. 2 days worth of work for this old guy Brought to you by condom sense window tinting….
  8. Windshield and roll ups on herbie’s backwoods cousin. Herpes....
  9. Not a hard car, but falls in the category of kid car/commuter. Get it detailed and bring it empty. No cups or trash in the doors/console etc. leave a clean micro fiber towel in your driver door pocket that’s noticeable. It’s way easier to produce clean work on a clean vehicle. This will also make it look like you care about your car. Which might help your installer care more. Nothing worse than working on a trashed car with dog hair floating around inside lol!
  10. Well I stick F1 here, where are you located?
  11. Only responding cuz I feel like you’re takin the dude angle. What car? Man?
  12. There’s a little gap, might paint it tomorrow. So old and crusty lol, no way I was getting cleaner.
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