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    Cars. Trucks w class... Stock is lame..... Plus your import has no soul.
    BUY AMERICAN use turn signal that's all
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  1. I know this guy in north tx that’s way better?
  2. Is your back window tagged with the Lexus logo in a corner somewhere like your door glass is? That’s ma first question for a customer that it sounds like I’d give the go away price. Too many variables on an old car to start pointing fingers imo.
  3. I dont know how I’ve still got the beer belly. 95 in the shop yesterday, all day. 85-95 today. Humidity has eased up a bit though only 55% in shop last I looked. I’m about to have some temp vs ppf questions for you sir.
  4. What’s it like 80 something there?
  5. Front doors and windshield on a buddies car today. Pretty sure the back was lulu but qdp 32 ceramic and 80 on the shield matched up great.
  6. Sup y’all old and tired here
  7. I’ve been doing this since 04 and probably would’ve given you the go away price cuz I wouldn’t do as good of a job as I guy that does flat glass and auto. Share your newfound respect for my industry that can be made to look easy, but in fact is one of the hardest to be great at.
  8. Take it back man bring some donuts or something, they’re losing money redoing windows but need to know if they care. they could have much pickier customers.
  9. Road rage! Hookers or blow?
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