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  1. Nobody understands a tinter except another tinter. (Think it was @TintDude) we wish we were perfect but have to accept that’ll never happen ( @no ma'am)there’s my quote! Being ocd and a tinter takes years off your life fast!
  2. This had 52k on it. Auto loaded, didn’t wanna pay for the back window. I’d get it done but damn. Did the windshield with 80 and sunroof in 30. Had no illusions about roof hardware and cut back a lot. Same with the shield, vin was on metal tab between shield and dash. Headliner was done so I cheated a little.
  3. patio drinking. With class ....
  4. no ma'am


    Panel rolls off seal, front quarters are cake. Front door rear edge is tight and deep. Doable but need some more slip. The 3rd brake light is a pain literally to remove. Think Audi but add 3 10mm bolts that are in there real deep, pop push clips out headliner at back to start. There’s a keeper on each of the bolts that makes getting it started easier. Sunroofs are kinda stupid still. And there was no getting a rope in the dash for the shield. Super tight on driver side. Another easy car ruined by engineers
  5. @highplains there’s a sweet ass 4 door desoto in Dallas for 9500$ it’s brown and 4 door but clean clean. Says desoto firepower on the valve covers. Facebook market. Also you’re a buster
  6. Audi A4 strip and retint haven’t seen a Chevy truck in weeks