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  2. I try not to use it at all. It's a lot easier to correct issues if you haven't used it. The minute you put it on, you know you can't fix anything without having to replace that piece. And leaving a ton of glue behind on removal. But every so often, when the film just will not stay down due to wax or something rough preventing adhesion on that spot, it can be a lifesaver. Pro-tip - if you're applying film on a repainted vehicle, don't do it.
  3. I've been installing for ten years, and the only time I've seen removal of paint when taking film off is on vehicles that have been repainted. Or severely damaged by something that went through and wrecked the body panel anyway. When I first started out there were films that were coming off in small chunks and leaving tons of glue behind, but since I've learned the tricks of removing it properly, and film has gotten better, I don't have any problems. Unless the vehicle was repainted and film was installed too early, in which case, yeah. It's a gamble. We have a 3 week window until we will install after paint. We do take it off of about 30% of trade ins, but our dealers seem to love it because it gives them the opportunity to resell it when people see what it does. Especially if you have a vehicle that didn't have it to do a side by side comparison on. But yeah, maybe my opinion is coloured by the way our roads are here. Super dirty and tons of rock chips and bugs, so it certainly is worth it here.