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  1. hello friend, yes, this is our real product. We cut the small film and installed on the small hood. If you're interested,contact me for more information
  2. Colored PPF is becoming more and more popular. Which color do you guys like?
  3. Instant heal PPF: can be healed quickly at room temperature,but not good at long-term performance,especially stain resistance. Self heal PPF: has good and stable performance for long time,and good at long-term performance
  4. you can try some film which is easy for installation
  5. Hello Dear,if you're new in PPF,you can try different brands of ppf and compare .
  6. Hello Sir: Our company has our own pre-cut software. If interesting,welcome to contact us. best regards nikki
  7. Hello Sir,our company can provide OEM film for you which come in white box. Welcome to message me for detail information
  8. Our company can do OEM for you. Welcome for detail information
  9. if this is the reason why you make me stop,ok,I can understand . As I just joined in here for two days ,so I don't know the rules here.
  10. different glue layer,different effect. Do you have interesting to test our film? Our film comes with micro adhesive bonding technology,it's easier for installation. We can send you free A4 samples for test.
  11. Hi Laura,we have a pre-cut software,without limitation of buying our films. and if you have interesting,we can send you free A4 samples for test.
  12. If you have many patterns to be cut per month,you can try our software.the cost is $300/month,without limitation of cutting times.
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