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  1. Interested in the software. Thank you 

    1. DC- Judd

      DC- Judd


      Here is the link to the download page and you can download either the Mac version or the Windows version.



      Once you've installed and launched the program, go to UTILITIES in the toolbar and REGISTER SOFTWARE with the below Cut Key.  You should just be able to copy and paste it. 




      If you have any issues/ questions, just send me an email.


    2. DC- Judd

      DC- Judd

      Hi, just checking if you were successful at downloading the software.

      Let me know your feedback when you have time. 


    3. clear solutions
  2. Several shops have reached out to test our cutting software... how would you prioritize this list? This is the feedback for requested features we received: 1. Need tint templates for Windshields 2. Need full body PPF templates for all vehicles and not just vehicles above $70K 3. Need typeset/ lettering option to cut vinyl decals 4. What is critical to you in a cutting software? ...
  3. As Ryker said, the new car glass is probably around 70% (.70). If your tint was actually 20% (.20) instead of 25%, your net light transmission would be 14%. (.70 X .20 = .14).
  4. Thanks, I sent you the download links. You'll have access to all of the tint and ppf templates. Reach out if you have questions during the setup process.
  5. We have developed a new cutting software and are looking for some folks to test it out and give feedback on ease of use and template quality. It runs on both Mac and Windows. If anyone is interested, send me a PM and I'll send you the download link. I'm happy to answer any questions...
  6. June 7-9 at the Orange County Convention Center. Not the most convenient time of the year to leave your shop but...
  7. What cutting software are you running when this happens?
  8. Looks sharp! Is it priced better or the same as your FC9000?
  9. Just a quick hello and introduction. I was around the TD community several years ago when I worked with a film distributor in Oklahoma. I returned from overseas in 2018 and now jumping back into the industry. I recently purchased a company called Digicut and hoping to network and reconnect with friends that I lost touch with when I moved away. Is anyone planning to attend the window film conference coming up in Orlando? Thanks! Judd