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I knew this was coming!

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I can see the writing on the wall by one certain film distributor.

No warranty payments under 10 year or lifetime terms paid without the customer having in his hot little hand the original warranty form despite that direct and unquestionable data information which had been taken off my original invoice that I can still supply to this day. :cool:cool That is not good enough!

What a way of a cop out. How trite! This is happening now!

What do you reckon about that? Needless to say I don't buy that garbage anymore.

Devil as shirty as all hell. :cool:cool:cool

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Guest darkdan

Didn't I ask a question about this type of situation in the tip of the week forum about making your own warranty card?

I knew it would happen to someone somehow.

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said the film company wont pay a clain unless the customer has the window warranty in thier hand at time of replacement I think.


I'll translate so even you Yankees can understand Australian. :beer

If the customer can't lay his hands on the original distributor warranty card that is used for registering all the details of his purchase than no deal, no warranty coverage. :lol

Irrespective of the fact that "I can," this means Jack Sh!t and still no cover.

Now I ask you how many people who may keep accurate records can ever find one bit of paper from even 2 or 3 years ago?

It's totally unfair in my book and just another way of trying tp put obstacles in the way of processing legitimate claims. :lol


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That has happened with the blind industry as well. Levolor, a well known and respected brand has recently had quite a few of their cellular shades (circa 1998 to 2000) start separating, the pleats start coming out and the shade falls apart. The glue has failed, due to poor quality. Customers can't get the shades remade unless they have original invoice in their name. I think it stinks, but there is nothing I can do about it either. Just wanted to give you a heads up that there is more than one unethical industry out there.

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