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EN 356 & EN 12600


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I think it can be helpfull - I post there complete standarts EN 12600 & EN356. Test films can be helpfull when You will try tgo Xplain Your customer what means, for example, EN 356 P2A. Also there can be seen REAL XPLOSIONS, BASTARDZ e.t.c. You are welcome to our new web:

My Webpage


Web is working in test mode - so don't cry: "Leo, crap again!!!". Computer people have vacations that's why not all :woowoo

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Did you get permission from Haverkamp (manufacturer of PROFILON) to use their pic in the "vandal" section?? :copcar? :copcar? :woowoo


You mean the ball? :shock You are right may be something is borrowed - backside of picture, I will change it on monday....I show my artist how it must lok and ask to change - I DON'T WANT BE COPY of any site....Pictures we made suriong the test was really urgly - not for net use...Here they are....

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Thanks - once I have problems with Tintdude - in a hurry my webmaster borrowed pics from here :copcar

It was two years ago - since that time - no borrowed pictures, except real cases like explosion in London or anti-globalists in Switzerland...

Thanks for compliment, It take me long time to make, and it is still not completely, but hope I will finishe it soon...Webpeople go to vacations :woowoo

P.S. We have 16 mil plans on autumn - just picking up orders package...

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