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Tint-OffJust checking to see if any of you guys/gals have used this remover, and wondering if it works. I have a Piece of ^*%#! Ford Tauras to do Sat. , I have to remove old film from the whole thing,,,"A little bit worried", from what I have heard the way you all talk about them, this is not going to be fun. Any replies will be helpful, thanks. :eyebrows
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tint off smells like 409 to me


409 works well, I like the simple green (even dilluted)

wtf is citrusol? where could I find it


I am going to try to find that car-kem pink stuff got a link?

I know you love it, I will try it :lol


Trash bags are the trick, if you don't have a st eamer

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The last time I did a Removal, I used the trash bags with just soapy water, and it worked pretty good.Hey Zolar, Do you spay the simple green on and cover the trash bags on over it, and steam it like that? Im just trying to find the quickest and cleanest way to do this car, I din't want to waste my whole Saturday on it..,, Thanks guys ,

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I use soap and water on the glass and trash bags, re-wetting about every 30 min. If the glue wont come off, then I get out the simple green. Usually if it sits long enough "bagging" the glue comes offf with the film.

Lately I put a little simple green in my $50 steamer with a lot of water. and steam it off.

If I need to tint one while another one needs stripping, I will bag the old film outside, and tint the other inside.

It may be worth renting or borrowing a steamer for the taurus :)

I personally would pull out the back deck, tint over the 3rd brake light, and glue the matrix.

All in one piece. Tape off or even better, remove the felts on the roll ups. :lol

It will be easier in the long run

and turn out nice :)

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