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desperatly need some advice...

Guest non-tintmasta

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Guest non-tintmasta

I used to lay vinyl for a living and I love doing new things so I decided to tackle tinting my new rear window on my 02 acura rsx(recently had my car painted...the window has dot matrix all aroun the entire window for about 1" and about 6" on the top)

anyway...I read a lot on here, got some supplies from a friend...and got my hands on 2 pre-cut pieces of solarguard 6%......

I used the soap mthod and heat shrunk the film...everything went fine, got it inside and everything was great....however...a lot of spots on the edges didnt want to lay down...I pushed and pushed and didnt know what else to do....form the outside I would see the small "fingers" and so I yanked the piece off so I wouldnt have to clean any adhesive before doing the other piece of film I have.

anyone have any tips or clues as to what may have gone wrong? im using a blue max squegee and jonhnsons solution for application fluid.

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If there's a thin row of dots around the glass border, this would contribute to film, possibly, not shrunk down enough, refusing to lay down.

Small fingers left over indicate insufficient shrinking and if they are not serious can simply be dealt with by carefully heating the out of the glass where each one is located. Do not heat longer than 10-15 seconds on a high heat gun setting or no longer than what your finger can stand in 3-4 seconds when touching the heated glass.

Allow the glass to cool slightly and then hard card the area with the card's leading edge carefully laying the finger from its tip to the film edge. Hitting the film to soon risks smearing a softened adhesive from the hot glass.

Hope that helps.

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solar gard film with johnson slip solution.... :dunno

just kidding....maybe you should have let it set up some and then crushed the little finger.....just depends on how big they are..you say small so they should have layed once moister was gone.

and I do vinyl on the top 6" dots....seems to cover them best for me.....

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Guest non-tintmasta

its not far past...I dont really have controll over that though since its pre-cut. I happened to have these 2 pieces given to me so im trying to use them......my car got keyed and when they painted the car they wouldnt pay for the frieken tinti to be replaced that I just had done.

it less than 1/4" past the matrix.

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Guest non-tintmasta

oh...I meant I dont have to take it...I could take another car. I do have to work though

but possibly something on tuesday or wednesday. I was browsing your website.....very nice.

ill let you know through an e-mail or something

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