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I got a call today from a woman with a fireplace that is shared by her great room and master bedroom. She just bought the house and doesn't like the fact that one can see into the bedroom thru the fireplace. She wants to know if I can put film on it, the darker the better. I said :dunno sounds like a tricky one. I got some more info from her and she told me that the glass is only about 9 inches from the heat source. Thats gotta be hotter than hell that close to the source, so I just don't know if film would hold up. Gonna check the Llumar tech site and see at what temp the different films will combust, but thought I would ask yall for your input. Will the film hold up or what? Maybe for a day :passout

- Blazer

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Guest metint
She wants to know if I can put film on it, the darker the better. I said  :dunno sounds like a tricky one. - Blazer


It'll hold up for on night of toasted marshmellows...

Tell her to get a tri-fold room separator (like you see in the old movies ladies would undress behind) and position it in a nice way between the MBr and the fireplace.

Can you say, 'Meltdown'...

That's a new one... :passout

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hell it might even break the glass depending on how big a fire u built, trapping in all that heat. Could amount to a GYNORMIC problem. Dont touch it.

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